Holding true to its commitment to always be of service to Filipino families, the Sta. Lucia Group of Companies, led by Sta. Lucia Land Inc., Sta. Lucia Foundation and Sta. Lucia Mall, organized a campaign for the benefit of families affected by Typhoon Ulysses. Some 500 relief packages were immediately distributed to families in Barangay Tumana in Marikina and Barangay Santolan in Pasig. Included in the relief packs were instant food items and personal hygiene kits.

Among the first ones to mobilize aid for those devastated by Typhoon Ulysses, the Sta. Lucia Group knows the importance of providing immediate assistance to those who had to helplessly endure the wrath of this natural calamity—regardless that this long-standing property developer is also recovering from the impact of the pandemic as the lockdowns slowed down businesses across the country. Some of its employees were not spared by Typhoon Ulysses’ deluge either, with one employee recounting that they were among those who had to seek refuge up at their house’s roof as floodwaters reached even the second level of their home.

It has been the company’s aim to extend a helping hand to the families who lost their properties and possessions during the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses. Through this simple act of compassion, the company and its partners hope to inspire the affected families to rise up stronger beyond the circumstances.

Sta. Lucia distributed relief packs to affected families in Marikina and Pasig.

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