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Work and leisure are both reasons to travel for the younger set nowadays.
Many yuppies and students today save up for their next big trip nonstop, scrimping on indulgences in exchange for scenic and exciting places. Most customarily block their long weekends for domestic and international sojourns; even make it a point to schedule getaways every month or two. Many grab job opportunities considering chances to travel elsewhere to close deals and do business.
Such is the character of the younger set these days, more specifically the millennials (born 1980-1994) and Gen Zers (born 1995-2010), who Bloomberg said comprised 31.5 percent and 32 percent of the world population in 2019 basing on United Nations data—easily making them a runaway majority.
Their sheer number and inclination to take trips make them undeniably influential in the hospitality industry. Over the years, their preferences and expectations in places to check into have been in focus.
What exactly do they expect of their suites?

Great deals

Considering the many destinations where the youth want to go, they would normally hunt for good deals and discounts. Just see how the “piso fares” quickly run out of seats (and how the visitor traffic causes websites and apps to crash). They like to be thrifty with their temporary addresses but they also seek some baselines, such as a stable Wi-Fi, a good bed, a cozy room and a clean bathroom. They are also more likely than older generations to spend big on worthwhile add-ons, especially when they are using company money.
Outside of their strong sense of “sulit” deals, traveling youngsters hunt for rooms in strategic locations that are near the urban core where they can accomplish work, bars where they can experience the night life, malls where they can shop for food and fashion, tourist destinations where they can go within a limited time. To get these, they can be flexible: willing to either stay in small rooms with a bunch of strangers or book more expensive rooms.
Their choices also factor in the ability of their host to wow them with picture-perfect spots and moments. If they are able to snap a social media-worthy photo in a corner of a hotel, the more inclined they are to choose it. Millennials have spent more than half their lives creating content for online consumption and looking at other people’s lives on social media while Gen Zers have never seen the world without the internet, so those should explain their need for a perfect picture.
Both millennials and Gen Zers are also drawn to consistency. They have a high sense of industry standards and would like these met at all times. They know what to expect for the amount they paid.


A good deal, a great location, picture-perfect motifs and vistas, brand consistency—all these are present across all the SotoGrande projects of trusted property developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc. With these developments across the country, the company entered the tourism industry, offering real estate products that function as condominiums complete with hotel services like a front desk, cleaning services and more—or what is commonly known as a condotel.
Sta. Lucia’s condotel portfolio includes a 23-storey mixed-use building in Katipunan Avenue and an eight-storey, full-hotel development in Neopolitan Business Park in Fairview, both in Quezon City. Outside Metro Manila, the SotoGrande line also has a six-storey full-hotel development in Jaro, Iloilo’s Green Meadows and a 20-storey condominium hotel within the Davao Riverfront Business Park. The brand is also in Mactan, Cebu, and Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
All the SotoGrande branches have pools, gyms, lounges and function halls. Some also offer verandas and viewing decks, a spa, a clubhouse, food-and-beverage brands and sports facilities.
They share a high accessibility to spots for work and leisure. The Katipunan and Fairview sites are near economic hubs. The Davao, Iloilo, Cebu and Palawan condotels are all near airports and tourist destinations. None of the locations are too far from urban comforts.
All branches also boast of picturesque interiors and vistas. Exemplifying this is the Davao project, which translates for guests the meaning of the series’ name: “soto” (riverside grove or thicket) and “grande” (luxurious and majestic). It offers a refreshing sight of the Davao River and the mountains. The one in Cebu is beside a resort by the sea, while the one in Palawan has a view of Catalina Lake. All these do not come at rates that break the bank.
In the end, for young people, what’s most important is the experience they get, and for sure, a SotoGrande suite assures them they will experience only the best and grandest on their trip.

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