Feeling boxed in during the pandemic, we have reevaluated what makes a home great. As a result, resort-inspired residences became popular.

Indeed, if you have no choice but to stay at home in order to keep yourself safe, why not reside in a community that allows you to laze around like you are on a grand vacation? This is where trusted developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc. comes in with a proposition: a home inside Catalina Lake Residences in Bauan, Batangas.

Sta. Lucia has built a portfolio of over 250 projects nationwide, which include premier lakeside communities. With several well-received projects of the same sort, neighborhoods designed around a lake have become a specialization for the company. This new one will not disappoint, especially when you are looking for a healthier, less pricey address outside but not too far from Metro Manila. (One can get to Bauan from the

capital and vice versa in just two hours via South Luzon Expressway and STAR Tollway.)

Communities like Catalina Lake Residences give you the opportunity to enjoy nature’s many benefits. Studies have shown that natural spaces—“green spaces” for plants and “blue spaces” for bodies of water— positively impact well-being.

There is an abundance of these at Catalina Lake Residences. Trees grow all around, roads are lined with plants, and the community is designed with open spaces and parks. Moreover, the whole property is bounded by rivers, overlooks Batangas Bay and, of course, is anchored on a 3-ha manmade lake. It calls to mind a Mediterranean

paradise, providing residents with great sights, fresh air and fulfilling days.

The community is masterplanned to give you a virtual vacation from home. It has a swimming pool, lighthouse and picnic shade on Paradise Island. The Sports Clubhouse includes a function room and coffee shop.

Source: https://www.pressreader.com/article/282200834054551

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