Philippine Daily Inquirer / 5 Dec 2020
EXEQUIEL ROBLES President Sta. Lucia Land Inc.
These are challenging times for us but I was quite confident that our resilient spirit will allow us to once again get through this. We have already been through a lot and we’ve proven how— with the concerted efforts of families, friends and colleagues, given partnerships between the private sector and the government—we would eventually hurdle through crises, calamities, disasters and other emergencies.
During this quarantine, we were all forced to spend more time at home. I myself had to stay put during this period, unlike before that I would always be out and on the ground, across key and emerging provincial cities, scouting for new and better opportunities for Sta. Lucia Land. And as we got to stay in, many of us had started to see our homes in a whole new light. Our homes now serve as an office, learning space, entertainment and wellness hub among other purposes.
If there’s anything that this pandemic has made us realize is that our homes will always be our safe space, a sanctuary where you can find respite and comfort. It also made us realize even more the value of the work that we do. This is why we are now more committed than ever to our vision and mission, to create such conducive, future-proof spaces where families can grow, thrive and become truly resilient. Given all these new priorities and renewed focus on spaces, health and well- being, trust that Sta Lucia Land will continue to work hard to deliver the kind of home and community that you deserve with or without a pandemic. We will continue to soldier on building that legacy and bringing Filipinos from around the world at home with their families. This will be our staunch commitment to all hardworking Filipinos here and abroad.
We are now more committed than ever to our vision and mission to create future-proof spaces where families can grow.

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