By Vaughn Alviar @INQ_Property

June 03, 2023

The vibrant sun, glorious coastlines, turquoise waters and verdant foliage define the Philippines for millions.

The country’s beaches are, indeed, magical. Wanting to catch that spell, folk from all directions head out to the coasts. However, such demand can become so overwhelming that it results in headaches among vacationers.


But, there is a realistic option that you might want to consider if you want the comforts and ease of recharging by the beach—that is, to own a home nearby.

And it’s possible—even practical—nowadays. Roads and other key infrastructure projects have increasingly opened up the countryside to more development. The pandemic and major strides in telecommunications allow remote work—say, from your beach house—to be doable, more affordable and even healthier than being purely based in the office. Aside from owning your place and getting to skip the attendant booking and scheduling nightmares when you plan to travel, you also have a possible temporary home for digital nomads and tourists, ergo, an extra income stream.

Think about such opportunities in a place like Nasugbu, a progressive municipality that is already well known for the sun, sea and sky. “Batangas’ last frontier” has some of the best coves and coasts south of Manila, a magnet for tourism.


El Sitio Nativo

Right there, in the beautiful town of Nasugbu, a trusted developer is adding a new project to its already impressive portfolio of more than 300 developments across the country.

Sta. Lucia Land is building El Sitio Nativo, providing homebuyers and investors an opportunity to snag a highly coveted piece of land in a place thriving with guests.

In English, the project’s name stands for “the native site.” Its architecture harks back to indigenous and pre-colonial Filipino motifs. Thanks to its elevation, the site gives homeowners a picturesque view of the horizon and the greenery that inspired our ancestors centuries ago.

While it takes a cue from older references, the project is an exclusive residential enclave that rewards inhabitants with modern conveniences and premium amenities in a well-developed site, all the hallmarks of a Sta. Lucia property.

Healthy, secure lifestyle

El Sitio Nativo is a low-density neighborhood offering just 102 residential lots across 17.6 ha of land. To ensure its integrity as a lush, landscaped leisure development and deliver on its promise of a healthy, enjoyable and secure lifestyle, developments will cover only 53 percent of the area.

The amenities, which will ensure your community is the envy of many, include a clubhouse, a swimming pool, a health and fitness center and courts. The kids will love spending time with their peers at the playground, or with mom and dad at the picnic grounds. Giving dwellers a sense of security would be the presence of an administrative office, guards that serve the community round-the-clock, and a perimeter fence, among other features. If the sights and sounds of nature do not invigorate the spirit enough, a chapel is situated inside the village.

It is needless to worry about the project’s viability, or the developer leaving you high and dry.

El Sitio Nativo is located in tourism zones alongside dozens of high-end developments. That ensures future activity and value appreciation. Sta. Lucia also has other undertakings neighboring this enticing address, specifically the equally exclusive and aesthetic Yanarra Seaside Residences and Nasacosta Resort and Residences.

This only makes one thing clear: Sta. Lucia, a company known for spurring progress in places unnoticed by other developers, sees great potential in the site where El Sitio Nativo rises.

El Sitio Nativo is an exclusive residential enclave that rewards inhabitants with modern conveniences and premium amenities. El Sitio Nativo’s architecture harks back to indigenous and pre-colonial Filipino motifs. It is a low-density neighborhood offering just 102 residential lots.

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