At La Huerta, you get to build your dream home within serene surroundings, lush greenery and fresh air.

Picture coming home to the house of your dreams: a classic farmhouse on an expansive plot of land surrounded by a white picket fence, where you are growing your own produce and colorful blooms, where you and your family get an abundance of clean, fresh air and greenery each time you step out.

You’ll be able to get an actual preview of that quaint lifestyle soon at La Huerta Farms and Residences. Sta. Lucia Land Inc., in partnership with Lapanday Properties Philippines Inc. (LPPI), an affiliate of Torre Lorenzo Development Corp. (TLDC), is in the final stages of designing a model farmhouse for prospective homebuyers to visit here, to give them a real feel of the kind of life that awaits within the farm estate.

To be located right within the frontage of La Huerta Farms in Calamba, Laguna, the model farmhouse is targeted for completion by August this year. Future residents can then envision even more clearly how it would be like to have their own farmhouse just outside the city.

As La Huerta, which means “The Orchard,” is situated near a highly accessible part of Calamba, it promises to bring its residents the best of both worlds: a peaceful and serene countryside lifestyle and close proximity to essential shops and services and other modern conveniences. The farm estate is near industrial sites, community spaces and leisure establishments. It is just half an hour drive to Tagaytay and an even shorter one to the center of Calamba. Manila, meanwhile, is simply an hour away.

“We understand the impor tance of model units for our homebuyers as it will not only inspire them as they design their homes, but it will also give them a preview of the life that awaits them in a Sta. Lucia Land community. When we create our model units, we make sure that we are able to present an array of designs and configurations that would suit their varying lifestyles,” said Sta. Lucia Land president Exequiel Robles.

“For example, many are currently looking for wide open spaces and farm lots. For Huerta, we will ensure that our model farmhouse unit will give buyers a feel of how beautiful, cozy yet still modern their homes can be in a farm setting,” Robles added.

Tomas Lorenzo, president of LPPI, explained that the model house will be done in classic American farmhouse architecture. It will feature details such as front porch and rail, airy interiors, a dark gable roof and a predominantly light-colored structure that will allow it to stand out in contrast to the landscaped greens and blue skies that form the backdrop of homes in La Huerta.

“This design is highly suited to the new normal as there will be expansive spaces within the house, as well as large windows and doors to allow for cross ventilation. The porch is an area where guests can be received without having them enter the house. It can also function as a sanitation area for residents before entering the home,” Lorenzo said.

Added Robles, “Its layout will be similar to how farmhouses used to be—with plenty of open space and areas to plant your herbs and vegetables. It will really be a good showcase of how a farmhouse should and must be.”

Living at La Huerta, one can look forward to the many benefits of living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle at one’s own farm estate. Here, you get to “go back to basics” and build the home of your dreams within soothing surroundings, lush greenery and fresh air, no doubt the ideal place to be in a postpandemic future.



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