By Emilio Miguel Lee Ng @INQ_Property

July 23, 2022


Sta. Lucia Land Inc. is giving you all the reasons to invest in your very own beach house, with its impressive portfolio of seaside communities offering wide open spaces, fresh air and serene surroundings.

In Batangas province alone, this trusted developer gives you two topnotch developments—South Coast Seaside Residences in the town of Lian, and the Nasacosta Resort & Residences in Nasugbu. Both are nestled on pristine coastlines, enabling urbanites to take that much needed breather, unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of being close to nature with their loved ones.

Located near Matabungkay Beach, South Coast exudes the grandeur of a seaside escape alongside modern creature comforts to ensure your convenience. Besides the innumerable benefits of living near the beach, South Coast also has choice amenities such as the swimming pool, basketball court and children’s playground that can provide other activities for the family.

Nasacosta, which means “at the land by the sea,” offers a fitting sanctuary with its tree-lined avenues, trails, a garden roof deck for breathtaking views of the sea, a beach club and swimming pools, among other amenities. With its six residential towers, 256 lots, a beach club and a host of leisure facilities, Nasacosta truly gives new meaning to beachside living.

While these exceptional seaside communities are the whole package as it is, it would be well worth your time to spruce up your homes and give it that “nautical touch” for you to revel in that much sought dream beach lifestyle at South Coast and Nasacosta.

Sta. Lucia Land offers a few simple ways to bring the outdoors in, making your beachside homes truly the soothing sanctuary they ought to be.

Make space for an outdoor porch

If you’re building a home by the sea, an outdoor porch is a must. It allows you to while away your time, catching up on your reading or simply watching the expansive views of the sun, sand and the sea.

Invest in comfy porch furniture—a set with outdoor cushions, maybe a patio umbrella, swings or even a hammock. You can even set up an outdoor bar. In this way, you can relax while watching the sun set or rise from here, or enjoy the fresh ocean breeze on some summer nights.

Go for a nautical theme

What better way to “bring the beach in” than to go for a nautical themed home? Such a classic design will no doubt do wonders for your health as such interiors usually exude a soothing vibe.

Pick out colors such as blue and white for your interiors then go bold with your accessories. Put in touches like nautical artwork, driftwood or model ships. Collect seashells and pebbles and set them nicely in a glass vase, or you can go for fixtures that depict marine life. Add rugs done in colors inspired by the sea.

Set up game boards

Put down those phones for a while, take your eyes off the screen and find ways to bond with loved ones. A classic way to spend some good times with family and friends is through some fun board games. Stack your game shelf with a number of classic board games such as Monopoly, chess, Jenga, Heads Up, and checkers, and get that competitive spirit going.

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