By Vaughn Alviar @INQ_Property

January 21, 2023


Feng shui can overwhelm the uninitiated. After all, it is a 2,000-year-old tradition. When you hear about this ancient Chinese way, especially during the Lunar New Year, you hear a dozen zodiac signs, tens of charms and symbols, and so much more.

But, when you get to the bottom line, the goal is simple, really: to harmonize the individual with the world around them. This rudimentary definition has, in fact, made feng shui beneficial to real estate, from choosing the right location for an investment to building homes and communities, among others.

If you are a homebuyer that wants good chi to flow into your life, here are some things you need to remember when looking for an auspicious address.

Respecting nature

Plants bring good luck to spaces because they add freshness and vitality, representing some of the life energy abundant in nature. That clues you in on how important the environment is to feng shui. Applying that to construction, the tradition becomes about the appropriate exploitation and conservation of natural resources.

Trusted developer Sta. Lucia Land is known to be mindful of the environment, masterplanning its developments not only to ensure the safety and comfort of homeowners, but also to protect, celebrate and even enhance (it’s an expert in manmade lakes) the natural world. If you examine the Sta. Lucia Group’s portfolio, which consists of more than 300 projects across the Philippines, you will find astounding green spaces, plus lake-, beach- and mountainside communities that revel in the sights and sounds of the earth.

Near the rest of the world

Here’s a rule of feng shui that’s easy to check and apply: Live near nature, markets and the road. It’s like the familiar Western mantra—“Location, location, location”—but with a greener angle. To live in such a place foretells future prosperity, and the reason is obvious: Being near roads and markets give you access to economic opportunities while being neighbors with the planet’s natural wonders, like rivers and mountains, fosters total well-being.

Sta. Lucia takes these into consideration when it looks for places to build. It develops land near nature or adds greenery, as earlier noted. It also looks for properties near major arteries and institutions, or projects that aim to bring these into locales.

Designed for a holistic life

Feng shui sees the human in the center, believing that things can be controlled or influenced to ensure that the person ends up with a balanced life.

Efficiency, comfort and overall health are also highlighted in Sta. Lucia communities’ features and amenities. Look at the onsite development, for a start. Entryways and pathways are important in feng shui because they welcome energy and dictate its flow.

With this developer, you have aesthetic entrances and well-built, efficient roads. Projects feature clubhouses, swimming pools and other spaces that promote wellness. All elements are designed to reward residents with a rich, complete and uncluttered experience of life. Sta. Lucia wants no obstacle between the dweller and the good fortunes in the cosmos.


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