/ 04:00 AM February 20, 2021
Thousands headed to their home provinces from Metro Manila after COVID-19 hit. Some left fearing the disease, frustrated about the lockdowns or unable to afford the cost of living in the capital.
For whatever reason, many who left for their childhood addresses rediscovered the simpler terms of the countryside and now mulling over the possibility of relocating there. Why not? One worries less about pollution. The views are greener, bluer—more refreshing for body and mind. You can also worry less about crime and even nurture trusting relationships with your neighbors. It’s amazing how much your money can buy, not to mention the resources you can grow on your own.

Countryside development

Two other factors allow people to achieve success outside Manila nowadays: technology and countryside development. Adjusting to COVID-19, we found technologies that allow us to transact beyond the office setting. We’ve learned to join meetings from small nooks at home and accomplish tasks via e-mail. The government is also spreading economic activity outside the metropolis, as one may glean from infrastructure projects left and right. Relocating can bring growth in business and work.

Green Meadows

Choose wisely

Present realities and possibilities make a good case for taking root in secondary cities like Iloilo and Davao. However, with residential projects rising in these quarters, choose wisely so that you do not sabotage your dream of a laidback, rustic life and end up with a nightmare. Before shaking hands with any developer, scout the area where your future home is located, and ask whether the address allows you to enjoy life with the unit design and make, the amenities within the community and its access to other areas.
Scratch that. Why not just trust a builder with a portfolio of successful projects, like Sta. Lucia Land? This developer, with more than 40 years of real estate experience, has proven time and again that it can deliver impressive countryside communities.

Claim the dream life in the countryside by choosing a masterplanned, accessible community—just like what Sta. Lucia delivers.

Lakeside community

Sta. Lucia’s Green Meadows is Iloilo’s first lakeside community. Victoria Lake is the center of the distinguished life in this project in Jaro, Iloilo City. Enjoy beautiful vistas as soon as you wake up. Jog around the village in the mornings, and shop at the retail spaces later. Head over to the lake for kayaking, boating or fishing in the afternoon. Hang out at the country club’s pool, sauna or gym. Play basketball, badminton or bowling.

It is also surrounded by agricultural and industrial zones—areas for growth. Green Meadows is a 20-minute drive from the New Iloilo International Airport, and is also near the Jaro Cathedral, SM City Iloilo, Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital and the University of San Agustin.

Las Colinas

A piece of ‘Eden’

Las Colinas meanwhile is another promising address in Davao City, the capital of Mindanao. An opulent, lush life beckons right in Toril district’s Eden, the “Tagaytay of Davao.” There, Sta. Lucia offers prime lots—500 to 1,200 sqm—overlooking the Davao Gulf.
Dwellers will live 771 m above sea level, by a 2.7-ha manmade lake. Recreational spaces include a pool, basketball court and kids’ playground. Trust that the clubhouse is attractive, as is expected of any Sta. Lucia development. Las Colinas is near Eden Nature Park and is a few minutes away from commercial spaces, schools and places of worship in the district, and under an hour away from the city center.
Claim the dream life in the countryside by choosing an affordable, fine home in a secure, masterplanned and accessible community. Just like what Sta. Lucia delivers.
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