By: Jaime Aguila – @inquirerdotnet
Philippine Daily Inquirer / 05:56 AM August 19, 2017
With the fast-paced, technology-driven lifestyle that has become the norm for city-dwellers, it is no wonder that more people are finding themselves overly stressed and burned out from the daily 12-hour rat race routine (inclusive of the maddening traffic).
Sta. Lucia Land Inc. adheres to the company’s vision of “Building Better Lives” and as such, we continue to introduce new development concepts that would cater to customers looking for a relaxing and soul-soothing place to mellow down—a daily home or a weekend getaway that can offer tranquility to tired minds and bodies.
Investing in resort-inspired communities either in urban or out-of-town locations has been gaining substantial following for the privilege few who can afford it, and for a good number of reasons.
You are on vacation every time you come home. A community that offers a playful backdrop of trees, colorful beds of flowers and manicured lawns complemented by beautiful furnishings is almost always a welcome sight to someone coming home. The ambience of lighted path walks, the beach chairs lined up at the swimming pool area, the cocktail lounge—these amenities and more are sure to make you feel that you are on vacation.
Resort developments offer the best of both worlds. Modern day amenities such as a gym, spa, recreational facilities, wi-fi access are all being incorporated in a natural mountain or beach setting. This allows homeowners and guests to enjoy the comforts of modern day living while at the same time relishing in the tranquility offered by the sounds of nature, the unparalleled mountain views and the cool sea breeze.
Potential returns on investment are good. Residential resort projects continue to improve in their concept of development as well as the amenities and facilities they offer, thus pushing the peso value of these projects upward. In Batangas alone, for example, vacation homes are now being sold anywhere from P8,000 to P20,000 per sqm for lots, and about P70,000 to P140,000 per sqm for condominium units. Being able to cash in on pre-selling projects can really be very rewarding even on the short or medium term.
It’s also perfect as a retirement haven. With the growing population of retirees (local and foreign), and the improving tourism climate in our country, investors are eyeing the Philippines as an alternative retirement place. Low- to mid-rise condominiums in a resort community are therefore paving the way to accommodate this growing market.
You get to enjoy real quality time. Perhaps the best, although intangible, benefit in investing in resort-inspired communities is the fact that one gets to enjoy quality time either for himself or with family and friends. Spending a day or two even once every month at the quiet comfort of your second home allows unit owners to recharge, to rejuvenate, to commune with nature, and to bond with their loved ones. In the process, they create priceless memories that no amount of money can buy.
Sta. Lucia’s latest project in Nasugbu, Batangas—the Nasacosta Resort & Residences is one such resort community. Nasacosta is a product of the company’s desire to bring back fond memories when life was still simple—listening to seashells and the rushing waves, the mountains and the seas treating eyes to a feast.
Resort communities, after all, are supposed to create opportunities for people to enjoy life, to remind them to rest, to let go for a moment, and to be content with the “now”.

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