By Vaughn Alviar @INQ_Property

November 12, 2022


Cebu has always been a breathtaking metropolis, brimming with vitality and elevating itself with a perfect mix of heritage and advancement.

Anyone would instinctively find themselves nodding to that observation as they look out to its skyline from what will soon become one of the most coveted addresses in Cebu City: 128 Nivel Hills.

After chasing deadlines and pursuing career advancement all day in the Visayan metropolis, you find yourself returning this crown jewel of a home—one that props you up for a restful break inside your bespoke unit or amid splendid amenities. Nestled on top of a hill, you are tucked away from the busy metropolis but also rewarded with a commanding view of it.

Prime property

128 Nivel Hills is a two-tower masterplanned project rising on a prime property in the vibrant Lahug district. It overlooks the city’s skyscrapers on its east side and, as if that vista is not appealing enough, faces Mt. Busay to its west.

The goal of those who’ve partnered to make 128 Nivel Hills possible is, quite simply, to exalt Cebu. The project is under Diamond Hiland, a joint venture between Carlos Yeung’s MSY Holdings Corp. and Philippe Lhuillier’s PJ Lhuillier Inc. Both companies have always worked to make the city internationally recognized. With this high-end property, they do it together. Completing this powerhouse of a partnership is trusted developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc., which brings along with it an expertise honed by decades of building masterplanned projects across the country.

This new, astounding addition to the Cebu skyline reflects the sagacity and taste of big names in Philippine business. 128 Nivel Hills shows mettle in the structure, beginning with a breathtaking shell that will make onlookers envious. The building harmonizes with the rest of the lot splendidly, thanks to a partnership with Casas Architects in masterplanning. It allows a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle through a design embracing Cebu’s ordinance on green infrastructure.

The 36-story Tower 1 will be a mix of 210 fully-furnished condotel units and 366 move-in ready residential units (14th-36th floor). Tower 2, of the same height, will be fully residential with 613 units. Turnover is scheduled between late 2026 and early 2027.

Five-star amenities

All these dwellings will have access to five-star amenities. The lobby’s finishes and interiors speak to the meticulous curation that went into the project. Residents can visit the podium connecting the towers. At the pool complex there, with a lap pool and deck, families can picnic during the weekends. Beside it are a fitness gym and a spa.

Let loose at the game room. Read a book or do some silent introspection at the lounge, library or pantry. Take your workmates out of the office for important meetings and convene at the condotel’s coffee shop. For bigger events, look no further than the Function Room on Tower 2.

You don’t have to get out of your unit to pick up the sense of refinement. All the units have generous cuts. For the residences, 128 Nivel Hills offers studio to four-bedroom units. Such options will prove even more valuable when buyers move in and are allowed to spruce up their unit.

The condotels are well-appointed studio and two-bedroom units. In combination with its stellar property management, it ensures stable returns for the long haul. When you invest in a condotel, you get 30 free room nights annually, and not only at 128 Nivel Hills but at other Sta. Lucia condotels nationwide.

While 128 Nivel Hills promises utmost exclusivity, it is also strategically located to provide access to a milieu of experiences intrinsic to Cebu, exactly what the partnership wants to highlight.

Future dwellers and guests can go to the pockets of Cebu that throb with urbanity or hum with the countryside vibe from Veterans Drive right in front of the property. They can easily immerse, not just watch from their grand hilltop home, themselves in the aspects that make Cebu special.



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