The Philippines is composed of numerous islands, each emanating with charm and beauty. If you have the freedom to choose anywhere to live in the country, it would actually be a difficult decision to make. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your goals in life and your personal beliefs.
In particular, if you believe in feng shui or the Chinese philosophy of attracting positive energy, your list might be narrowed down to a few select locations. Unbeknown to many, feng shui is actually a sound way to assess a property’s existing conditions. Many of its principles align with basic concepts of good planning so there’s actually more to it than luck alone.

So if you’re actually in the market today looking for your new home and would like to consider feng shui principles in your selection, here are some choice properties that just might be worth considering today.

Mesilo (Dasmariñas, Cavite)

A residential subdivision that lies just 30 kilometers away from Metro Manila, the Mesilo covers 150 hectares of land in Dasmariñas, Cavite. It is also located near commercial centers such as Ayala Malls and Waltermart and well-established universities like the De La Salle University, Lyceum of the Philippines and Far Eastern University–Silang.
Lots in the Mesilo are surrounded by lush trees and a gently-sloping terrain. What makes the area ideal though in terms of feng shui is that it is surrounded by a natural creek. Proximity to bodies of water is an ideal house location, because qi or positive energy flows abundantly toward the home. With its background of the undulating hills of Tagaytay, you know that your home is also inclined to have good fortune. The Mesilo is one village that can actually delight feng shui followers in Cavite.

La Alegria (Silay, Negros Occidental)

If you’re looking for a property in the Visayas Region, look no further than La Alegria in Negros Occidental. The estate is situated in Silay City, the so-called “Paris of Negros” because of its rich collection of heritage homes and historical sites.
Besides its cultural draws, La Alegria is also enticing because of the Malisbog River that runs along its perimeter. The river is further connected to the Guimaras Strait, thus enforcing the flow of positive energy along the site. To complete the abundance of water in the area, the man-made Lake Aurora is located by the estate’s clubhouse, providing not only good fortune but also tranquil views for homeowners.

Green Meadows Iloilo

Green Meadows Iloilo (Jaro, Iloilo)

If the province of Iloilo is more your type, however, the Green Meadows village located in the outskirts of Pavia and Jaro is probably your best bet. A mere 15 minutes away from the new Iloilo Airport, the estate provides easy access to landmarks such as the Jaro Cathedral, SM City Iloilo, University of San Agustin and the Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital. The project is also the first lakeside community to be built in the area.
In terms of feng shui, the village is ideal as it is situated in one of the fastest growing economies of Iloilo. Surrounded by agricultural and industrial zones, the area offers residents numerous job opportunities and food sources. The roads around Green Meadows bend toward the village, suggesting a well-secured community. Lastly, lush vegetation and the manmade Lake Victoria provide residents ample access to daylight, wind and nature.

The Hamptons Place’s guardhouse

The Hamptons Place (Angono, Rizal)

Going back to Luzon, the municipality of Angono in Rizal is another site worth considering for new home hunters. Considered the “Art Capital of the Philippines,” the province features several new residential estates, one of which is the Hamptons Place. A 50-ha exclusive subdivision, The Hamptons Place exemplifies an ideal domestic environment especially for feng shui followers.
The estate is divided into 164 townhouse units and 168 residential lots. Each property sits on a square or rectangular-shaped parcel of land which offers numerous opportunities in space layout. Moreover, the shorter end of the rectangular lots face the roadside, allowing luck to run long and deep.
The townhouse prototypes also reflect feng shui principles. The main entrance and the back door are offset from each other, allowing good energy to run through the house. The bathrooms are located away from the main entrance, thus limiting the chance of energy becoming polluted in the home. Lastly, the stairs do not directly face entry points, thus preventing the exit of good fortune from the home.

Artist’s perspective of Hampton Villas

Metropolis North (Calumpit, Bulacan)

The Metropolis North subdivision in Bulacan is one last village you ought to consider if you’re looking to live in an area promoting good fortune. With its Greek-inspired theme, the estate offers a grand landscaped entrance along McArthur Highway. It is also strategically located, just an hour’s drive away from Metro Manila.
In terms of feng shui standards, the village is ideal because of the natural characteristic of Bulacan’s geography. The area is relatively flat, with a few portions gently sloping. This flat terrain is the best kind of land to build a house on according to feng shui enthusiasts, because it is easy to work with. The gently sloping land, meanwhile, encourages the flow of good energy throughout the area.

Find your fortune with the right partner

Whether you believe in feng shui or not, there’s no denying that the home sites mentioned above all have their attractive features. These villages are just some of the quality projects of Sta. Lucia Land Inc., a seasoned real estate developer famous for its scenic golf courses and lush subdivisions. If you decide to live in this kind of premier estates, you know that you will be working with a partner who has been tried and tested for many years now. While feng shui may bring you luck and fortune, a good partner in real estate will bring you security and stability for life.
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