By Vaughn Alviar

March 13, 2021

The world came to a screeching halt just days after COVID-19 blew up into a pandemic March 11 last year. The declaration signaled that the virus would impact our lives adversely for months.
Human adaptability helped us forge a “new normal,” wherein our lives could safely continue. The first few months made us prisoners in our homes, but an intellectual explosion got our lives running and will now dictate our future. Our achievements are not just headways in technology but also pivots to essentials, like self care and well-being.
“COVID-19 has made us all realize how important it is to truly take care of ourselves,” said Sta. Lucia Land Inc. (SLLI) president Exequiel Robles. “It has shown us how a healthy body and a strong mind could make a difference in such challenging situations like this one.”
New normal arrangements—travel restrictions, work- or study-from-home, online shopping and more—held us up. Novel challenges made it hard for many to live through the pandemic in their dwellings and ignited a desire to move to more sustainable settings. Even before the pandemic, SLLI has been building addresses fit for the new normal.
“We seem to have created the right formula in building communities that promote health and wellness,” noted Robles. “With COVID-19 continuing to pose a threat to one’s well-being, it is important to have a space that would not only allow you to live a normal, healthy life, but also provide you that much needed peace of mind and respite.”
Over 250 projects nationwide already provide high-quality homes within secure and healthful masterplanned communities. Despite an extensive portfolio, the trusted builder is creating more and better future addresses.
Batangas beckons for those who want to live by serene views. In Nasugbu, the exclusive Yanarra Seaside Residences gives residents a pristine beach and lush landscapes. Nearby, Nasacosta Resort & Residences elevates beachside living with great trails, a magnificent roof deck, a beach club and swimming pools, among others.
South Coast in Lian captures the glamor of The Hamptons, the summer homes of New York’s affluent. All these enjoy proximity to commercial and business hubs, allowing you to easily go to and fro.
Live the resort life within Metro Cebu through Residencia de Vistamar in Mactan. It is a thriving oceanfront condominium community highly accessible to urbanity. Residents can luxuriously revel in the island charm of Cebu without leaving the rest of their lives behind.
In General Trias, Cavite, the Nottingham Villas at Metro South offers the aspirational suburban life. The city itself promises opportunities for career and capital growth, while also connecting people to Metro Manila and the rest of South Luzon.“SLLI was primarily established to build better homes for the Filipinos but through the years, it has evolved,” said Robles. “It is now part of our DNA to create and build safe, sustainable projects, where one’s overall well-being is prioritized.”

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