Next to Metro Manila, Cebu is often the top-of-mind choice of many investors wanting to establish a presence in the Visayas, as it has a competent and talented labor force pool and the necessary infrastructure needed to enable a business to thrive and grow.
Cebu has since served as a hub to many businesses both big and small, including business process outsourcing companies and those engaged in technology and service-related activities. The province has also shown itself to be competent in hosting international events such as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings held last year, among other summits.
Thus it comes as no surprise that even national developers are lured by the Queen’s charm such that a number of them has flocked to the province in the hopes of tapping the lucrative opportunities it offers. And one particular developer who, from the start, has been smitten by what Cebu has to offer is trusted property developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc.
Sta, Lucia was actually the first national developer in Cebu, having entered the market in September 1990 to sell Royale Cebu Estates, followed by Monte Verde, Golden Meadows, Alta Vista (the second golf course in the province) and Sentinel (the company’s first condominium project in the area).
Today, Sta. Lucia has developed more than 20 subdivisions covering over 500 hectares of land in Cebu. And three more projects are on the pipeline namely Valle Verde Subdivision in Lapu-Lapu; third building in Residencia de Vistamar in Mactanl; and another development in Lahug.
“The people of Cebu is an interesting market to serve because they actually know what they want and they are not one to sacrifice comfort over price,” said Sta. Lucia president Exequiel Robles.
“With Cebu as one of the most developed provinces in the country and Cebu City serving as a perfect alternative to Metro Manila as a center of commerce, trade and industry, it is only practical for Sta. Lucia to be there and serve the needs of its people in terms of having access to high quality, world class developments,” Robles added.
Robles related that when they first entered Cebu, they started with the creation of residential lots and condominium developments, with the aid of their prominent local joint venture partner MSY Holdings.
“Another remarkable success came when Sta. Lucia managed to build and deliver its first vertical residential project and our first golf course development in the province,” he further noted.
While it already has a number of successful projects in Cebu, there seems to be no stopping Sta. Lucia in developing more quality projects in the area. The company isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and on the contrary, has even lined up a number of new projects—some of which are already being constructed such as the Arterra Residences at Discovery Bay.
“What makes this particular development unique and special is the fact that it was conscientiously designed to mirror the earth’s four basic elements, to allow residents to experience, live, and be one with nature. What’s more, it is located at the tip of Punta Engano, Mactan Island’s famed diving destination,” Robles explained.
Arterra offers residents a chance to enjoy life in perfect balance as it provides not only a private and secluded life with the blue sea as your backdrop but also makes for a wise investment as acquiring a unit gives one that choice to either reside on it or have it rented out.
“Arterra is perched at the very edge of the famed diving destination of Mactan Island and is located on the tip of Punta Engano, that same strip where most popular high end resorts and hotels are located. It is just a mere 20 minute drive from Cebu’s international airport this making it a truly perfect investment,” Robles shared.
“At Arterra, you’re not just buying a property. You’re also providing yourself quick access to your own piece of paradise. There really is no stopping Sta. Lucia from doing what it does best which is to deliver projects that set trends and break norms. The company is highly aware of Cebu’s potential and thus we will continue to diversify and expand our business in Cebu. The Cebuanos can take comfort at the thought that we will continue develop projects that seamlessly combine privacy, urban charm and exceptional quality,” Robles concluded.

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