By Vaughn Alviar @INQ_Property

August 26, 2023


While some corners of the archipelago brim with urban vitality, others lack sign of progress.

This disparity is the reason for that constant thrust to spread economic activity from cities to the countryside. When that gap is bridged, more Filipinos could access opportunities for growth and efforts at nation-building could lead to genuine social equity.

Sparking change

Concerned companies have sought to take part in that noble project, sparking, in their little ways, change in places far from the traditional capitals and centers. They have hoped to ignite those sleepy quarters by transforming them with lofty visions and passionate action. One recognized brand in real estate that has exhibited its concern for the nation for decades now is trusted developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc.

Since the Sta. Lucia Group’s inception, the company has ensured to offer safe, quality communities to hardworking Filipinos who are ready to honor their success by buying homes. While other players in the market gravitated towards city centers, the company instead chose the so-called fringes—periurban and rural quarters where it has hoped to help bring progress through its developments.

As it diversified its portfolio to vertical developments, plus commercial, office and leisure spaces, Sta. Lucia remained in that frame of mind. It was the first developer to bet big on the eastern corridor of Mega Manila by building in the early 1990s the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. Today, this endeavor is an anchor of a much bigger mixed-use community, now home to towering residential condominiums and premium office spaces. All around it are vibrant urban communities that would have been left underdeveloped had it not been for the faith and effort of the developer.

First mover advantage

As that example shows, Sta. Lucia struck gold. Such a noble goal has certainly paid off not only for the company but also for the residents, businesses and host communities.

While Sta. Lucia definitely enjoys a first mover advantage, having cornered bigger parcels of land in the fringes of cities and towns to curate more expansive masterplanned developments, buyers and investors also got more for less while enjoying capital appreciation. In fact, many of these areas have now begun attracting not only residents, but also businesses and investments aimed at catering to the growing markets in these locales.

Today, the Sta. Lucia Group is among the nation’s most far-reaching real estate companies with a long list of more than 300 projects across 70 cities and municipalities in 10 regions and 15 provinces, covering over 10,000 ha of developed land. It transformed these areas into thriving subdivisions, golf courses, lakeside communities, resort-inspired neighborhoods, vertical villages, among others.

Sta. Lucia isn’t stopping there. It intends to continue with its noble goals, which have not only transformed and fueled the fringes, but have, more importantly, helped in nation-building.


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