By: Vaughn Alviar  Philippine Daily Inquirer / February 22, 2020
Cavite has evolved from being a bedroom community into an economic hotbed.
This province located south of Metro Manila has maintained itself as a peri-urban home for workers in the capital. On top of that, it has also industrialized, generating ways for residents to earn a living without having to move out. Accessible, livable and now progressive and competitive, Cavite has welcomed an exodus that might eclipse any other in the Philippines.
Trusted property builder Sta. Lucia Land Inc., among the first developers to unlock the potential of Cavite with various developments, saw an opening anew in that Cavite inrush, capitalizing on a market that possesses an elevated taste in homes.
A revolutionary proposal addressing the needs, expectations and capabilities of a more diverse Cavite population is Aquamira Resort and Residences, a first-of-its-kind full-service condotel development built around a water park.
Aquamira is an address within the 600-hectare Saddle & Clubs Leisure Park in Tanza, Cavite. Up for grabs at the project are villas and units that evoke resort living. Given the location of the development, it offers residents a persistent invitation to watch the river as they wind down or to have fun as they take a dip in the pools.
Therein lies the powerful pull of the property. A home at Aquamira puts an owner in a perpetual vacation, said Sta. Lucia Land Inc. president Exequiel Robles. “Buying a unit at Aquamira is like buying into a different kind of lifestyle, one that is truly ideal especially in today’s fast-paced world.”
“As it is surrounded by nature and built with well-thought-out amenities, buyers and vacationers can truly find respite and will surely have the time of their life here,” noted Robles.
For those who are looking for a lucrative investment, the property can be rented out to workers looking for an elevated lifestyle to come home to. Units can likewise be a conducive venue for company outings and team-building activities.
“It’s the kind of investment that would allow you to earn as it functions as a condotel, wherein you get 30 room nights free while, all throughout the year, our competent property management group will have your unit rented out, taken cared of to guarantee you good returns,” Robles said.
“What’s crucial here is the kind of project that you will be offering; how will you make your product standout given that all the developers already have presence here,” Robles added, confident that Aquamira is a definite standout among projects in Cavite.
For whichever purpose one would buy into the new Sta. Lucia Land Inc. project, whether as a resident or an investor, a home at Aquamira will enable people to grow, enjoy nature and find respite, all without having to travel far. Come to think of it, Aquamira is everything that’s been attractive about Cavite, only stepped up by leaps and bounds.

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