Philippine Daily Inquirer / 05:55 AM October 27, 2018
Sta. Lucia takes to heart its duty to help protect the environment.
Trusted developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc. has taken to heart the duty to help protect the environment and ensure that there would be suitable land to build sustainable livable communities. It has long been creating developments that seamlessly intertwine with nature and the environment. Realizing the value of respecting the land where it builds, the company has made it its mission to help protect and preserve the environment in as many ways possible.
“As responsible stewards of land, it is our duty to protect and preserve the environment even if it means more work for us. We, at Sta. Lucia Land, don’t just build homes. We work with the environment and preserve its beauty. We are consciously aware that sustainable development must not only benefit the people, it must respect the planet’s ecological balance as well,” said Sta. Lucia Land president, Exequiel Robles. “A responsible homebuilder’s duty is to ensure that we have a healthy and pristine environment to leave the future generations. Our work doesn’t stop with building homes and skyscrapers because at Sta. Lucia Land, our success is measured by how much work we put in to preserve the environment and make good with our commitment to sustainable and responsible property development,” Robles explained.
As true warriors for the environment, the company, through the Sta. Lucia Foundation, held CAMP 101, a Youth and Values Integration Camp. Created in partnership with Experience Philippines, the two-day outreach program saw Sta. Lucia employees spending time with the people of Subic, Zambales while doing their share for the environment.
“This is our way of giving back. As a trusted company, we have the power to educate and empower the people, especially the younger generation. In CAMP 101, we share our story, learnings and wisdom and we hope that we all become better people and stewards of land,” said Sta. Lucia Land chair Vicente R. Santos, who also sits as SLFI’s president and executive director.
CAMP 101 was held at the Cabitaugan Elementary School in Subic earlier this month. Workshop speakers include The Plastic Solution PH’s Fiona Faulkner, who shared her advocacy and taught participants how to turn the plastic problem into a plastic solution. There were 75 camp participants, from ages 9 to 12 years, who had a fun-filled learning experience. CAMP 101, a Project Pangarap program, is designed to provide education and experiences that help children frame and develop their character, competencies and leadership philosophies. It is a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe and motivating environment where families and communities are actively engaged to inspire children to build their dreams and realize their full potential to become ambassadors of the environment, community service and leadership and to contribute meaningfully in building the nation.

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