Outside the tropics, people snag up properties beside bodies of water for the vistas and other benefits. So, you can’t fault Filipinos for desiring homes on our own arguably more vibrant beaches, riverbanks and lakesides.

A lot of Filipinos—and locals of tropical countries, for that matter—have either a wish or goal of owning a home adjacent to a body of water. The striking blues do have a positive effect on the psyche. Even the sound of moving water can be therapeutic. More practically, seas, lakes and rivers act as natural coolers during punishingly hot days.

The COVID-19 pandemic, moreover, sparked a fever for open spaces—what, with the lockdowns shoving us all into our homes for prolonged periods. The moment mobility was allowed, some of us jetted off to resort towns to become digital nomads. Remote work from tourist hotspots made not a few reevaluate a life by the waters.

Good thing resort-inspired residences beckon. Specifically with trusted builder Sta. Lucia Land, homebuyers do not only get homes with outstanding onsite development, exclusivity and security, plus capital appreciation. Many of its projects also give residents a vacation experience day by day.

Nasacosta Resort & Residences

This project, literally meaning “at the coast,” rewards you with an intimate relationship with the sea in no less than the famed Nasugbu town in Batangas. You may have heard people recollecting their experiences visiting Nasacosta’s neighbors, Kawayan Cove and Terrazas de Punta Fuego. Live those out for the rest of your life in this Sta. Lucia community.

This resort-residence offers condominium (The Peaks), condotel (Nasacosta Hotel) and residential-lot (The Ridge) options. The project is thoughtfully designed to make roaming around or heading to the beach a breeze. Dwellers enjoy swimming pools, spa and view decks, plus access to The Sands beach club.

South Coast Seaside Residences

For those who want a life akin to living in the Hamptons of New York’s most affluent, South Coast Seaside Residences is the right address. This seaside residence is perched on Matabungkay Beach in Lian, another inviting town in Batangas that’s just three hours or less from Manila.

The development is an exclusive gated community, but its features allow families to make memories and create lasting connections with the neighbors. Homeowners can visit the clubhouse to picnic or socialize. The kids can play at the playground while the adults battle it out on the basketball court. Finally, those who want to start a business can take up lots at the commercial area.

Marbella Lake Residences Sta. Lucia has made a mark in the real estate industry by developing masterplanned communities that gift residents with unique experiences, lakeside communities, among the brand’s stellar products. Marbella Lake Residences in Victoria, Laguna, continues a proud tradition. The flagship project keeps every day scenic by designing around the Marbella Lake.

Homeowners can always visit the community clubhouse, with its own swimming pool and basketball court. They can get to Paradise Island, which has a lighthouse, picnic shed and pool.

People can quietly reflect while sitting by the lake or visiting the local chapel. They can also test their entrepreneurial skills at the commercial retail and the shop. Here’s a promising resort life with more possibilities in store.




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