It’s true, and we’ve experienced it first hand over the past year: our homes are our safe spaces.

When we’ve got the threat of this deadly virus looming over our heads every time we step out of our homes, all the more are we inclined to stay in instead and do everything within the comfort of our residences. In the midst of the pandemic, we all realized the true value of our homes—whether it’s a condominium unit, a townhouse or a sprawling house and lot, whether it’s in the city, the suburbs or far off rural locations. It’s not just about providing a roof above our heads, or a place to sleep in.

More often than not, homes and the communities serve as safe havens, helping define and enrich the quality of one’s life. So it’s really crucial to choose a home and community where one is given an opportunity to thrive as well as a safe, conducive place to raise families.

As Sta. Lucia Land president Exequiel Robles said: “Often we hear people say that it takes a village to raise a child and this I think is true. The community in which we belong can help shape the kind of person we become. That’s why for us developers, it is crucial to build and create communities that would empower and allow individuals to reach their full potential.”

“As a responsible developer, our roles extend to ensuring that we provide a functioning community where lives are continuously enhanced and legacies are built. After all, a good developer is not only measured by how tall or how massive his developments are but also by the quality of life it has managed to provide its residents,” he added.

Sta. Lucia Land has long been a partner of many hardworking Filipinos who have aspired to enhance their lifestyles and realize their dreams of owning a home.

So far, the Sta. Lucia Group has completed more than 250 projects across the country, enabling it to establish a strong, reliable presence in the market.

Going beyond the promise of value for its property offerings, Sta. Lucia Land makes it a point to build masterplanned communities—from golf estates, lakeside communities, resort-themed homes, condotels, hotels and house and lot units—that would allow residents to experience a better quality of life that they rightly deserve.

Some of these projects include the 7.84-ha Almeria Verde in Pangasinan, where residents are provided a safe, functioning community; the 22.88-ha Green Meadows Iloilo, where you are also buying into a lifestyle and a future aspired by many; and the the 23-story Sotogrande Katipunan in Quezon City, which places you near essential shops, banks and prestigious universities.

True enough, Sta. Lucia’s projects have helped enrich the lives of millions of Filipinos by allowing them to live their dreams and create their own legacy.

“All our projects go through careful planning and execution. We don’t just build and develop for the sake of growing our project portfolio. We do our job well and with utmost care because we believe that hardworking Filipinos deserve better. We don’t stop learning and improving our craft because we believe that in order to fully serve the need of the market, we must be able to continuously evolve,” Robles shared.

“Meticulous planning, sensitivity to clients’ needs and aspiration, and constant study of trends are just some of the things that we try to follow to ensure that in each community that we build, lives are improved and experiences are enhanced. We want our homeowners to see and feel the difference of investing in a Sta. Lucia home. With us, you are not just buying a property, but rather a lifestyle and a future that is aspired by many,” Robles concluded.


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