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Well-known chicken roasters brand Kenny Rogers decided to open a branch in Sta. Lucia 20 years ago because it wanted to establish a strategic market position in Cainta. “We decided to open Sta. Lucia Mall because we want the people of Cainta and the nearby areas to experience the quality service and good food that Kenny Rogers has,” said Johnny C. Liceralde-OIC, Kenny Rogers, Sta. Lucia Mall in an email interview with the BusinessMirror.

As they say, the customer is king. Kenny Rogers crafted a solid plan to give their customers good service, high quality of food and royal treatment to their customers .

Pizza Hut

Locating in Sta. Lucia Mall has definitely given Kenny Rogers a good market advantage. Moreover,  Sta. Lucia’s location provides convenience to their customers.  “We have a good ambience and our customers love the quality, how we serve,” he said.

Meanwhile, international restaurant chain Pizza Hut, also in its 20th year  operating in Sta. Lucia Mall, wanted to grab the opportunity to be one of the first restaurants to have a presence in the eastern part of Metro Manila.

Harold Cabezudo-LSM Manager, Pizza Hut, told the BusinessMirror in an email interview that the company wanted to expand the brand and the opening of Sta. Lucia was a perfect opportunity to get a slice of the market.  “Despite the competition that came in the area, Sta. Lucia still hits the right targets and held tight to its loyal customers. Pizza is the people’s food and Sta. Lucia’s customers love Pizza Hut. Since 1996 until now, we are glad to serve our patrons in Sta. Lucia their Pizza Hut favorites and all our innovations,” he said.

Sta. Lucia Mall

Cabezudo said mall goers in Sta. Lucia have developed a strong liking for  Pizza Hut as it has  been one of the most loved brands among solo and group diners. To ensure customer loyalty,  Pizza Hut continuously introduces improvements in their products, services, and exciting promotions to give clients their money’s worth.

He noted Sta. Lucia Mall’s strategic and accessible location makes it an easy choice for the community it serves and the commuters in the area. “Moreover, Sta. Lucia Mall offers many choices to address the needs of the community, thus making it an essential part of the lives of the residents of eastern Metro Manila,” he said.

Making the right choice

Rene Labrador, marketing manager of Sta. Lucia Mall, said it implements a thorough process in screening prospective clients. “Sta. Lucia Mall assures that each tenant’s products and services are legit, safe, reliable, of good quality, and of the highest standard possible,” Labrador told the BusinessMirror  in an e-mail interview.

“The screening process conducted by Sta. Lucia Mall on its tenants involves checking legal permits and documentation, making sure they have the capability to sustain the operation of the business, and knowing the history and background of the tenant in the industry,” Labrador added.

The objective is to protect the company, the tenants, the mall shoppers, the employees, and the overall good of each stakeholder, according to Labrador.

Extending a helping hand during the pandemic

During the pandemic, Sta. Lucia Mall loosen its restrictions in terms of rental fees and gave discounts to enable its tenants to continue both their operations and store schedule adjustments since not all tenants could operate fully during the pandemic.

Since those were lean times, the management granted access to some marketing collateral and free use  of LED walls for marketing ads for in-house tenants and free ad spaces around the mall.

It also showed the power of humanity and kindness during challenging times when management,  tenants, employees, shoppers, and stakeholders worked together to continue serving the people, meeting the market’s needs and wants, and making sure the business cycle kept moving.

In 2021, Sta. Lucia Mall’s marketing department, joined Sta. Lucia Land and promoted a raffle promo during the “ber” months of 2021. The lucky winners won vouchers worth P5,000, P2,000, and P1,000 pesos to purchase either food, clothing, apparel, or other services from the tenants. Once the tenants had received the vouchers used by the winners, they turned over all the vouchers to the administration  office to claim them in cash. In that way, the management entertained and helped both shoppers and tenants.

Further,  from October to December 2022, the Sta. Lucia Mall conducted a raffle promo in which winners could win a brand-new Aerox 155. The goal was to boost sales for the tenants and at the same time help the cash-trapped customers by giving them the chance to win a motorcycle, which they could use for daily transportation to help them travel faster around Metro Manila and also use it to generate income since during that time delivery services were at their highest demand.



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