The lure of tending your own farm and growing your own produce has become more appealing in today’s stressful environment.
There is, indeed, something so calming and therapeutic about nature and greens and hence, many aspire to immerse themselves in an environment that would allow for such tranquil experiences. That the idea of investing in a farm lot is gaining traction in the country isn’t at all surprising considering the benefits it can provide.
Add to that is the fact that having your own farm lot does not only give you the pleasure of planting and harvesting—it also allows for a more sustainable way of life as you literally eat what you planted and nurtured.
In a farm setting, practically everything can be done more sustainably, from vegetable sourcing to waste reduction and even recycling. Such a setting allows one to go back to basics and have the pleasure of enjoying everything from scratch.
Hence, for the urbanites, having a farm to nurture could very well be the antidote you need to manage your stress.

Farming made more fun in PH

La Huerta will allow future owners to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Farm owners, after all, will always have that much sought opportunity to commune and reestablish their connection with nature. A farm is said to have a calming effect that can do wonders for one’s mind and body. And of course, there is an opportunity to grow your own crops organically, helping make that push for healthier living.

What’s good is that even developers are doing their share to create such developments for individuals looking to spend a weekend of pure bliss. And one can find such a farm, just about an hour away from Makati City.
At the La Huerta Farms and Residences in Calamba, Laguna, one can find that rare opportunity to “go back to basics” as this 50-ha development by trusted developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc. offers farm lots for sale. This is the company’s first leisure farms and residences project.
La Huerta, which means “The Orchard,” will allow future owners to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in one’s own farm estate and the healing power of nature—and well away from the exacting pace of lifestyle in the metro. You get to build your dream home within serene surroundings, lush greenery and fresh air, which would serve as the perfect antidote to your anxieties.
Farming made more fun in PH
Start tapping on the healing power of nature and choose from any of the four garden communities that La Huerta offers.
El Sol (The Sun)
El Sol offers farm lots teeming with plants and trees that were selected for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits, as well as for their aesthetic appeal. The main road is lined with banaba trees, valued for efficacy in helping control diabetes. They also bloom beautifully and paint the landscape with pink and lavender hues. Other roads feature lagundi trees, whose leaves are proven to cure cough, as well as several other plants considered as anti-oxidants.
La Luna (The Moon)
La Luna is alive with the aroma of coffee and cacao, bignay, and other fruit wines. In this community, such crops are grown year-round, with their round canopies serving as a relaxing sight along the roads. Residents who want to grow and process their own wine or coffee can acquire proper training and technology from La Huerta’s resident wine experts.
El Cielo (The Sky)
El Cielo is unique in that it is home to the largest bird in the world, the ostrich, which feeds on vegetables and other edible plants. This cluster houses ostrich farms as well as rows of organic vegetable and herb gardens. In this lush natural setting, aficionados of healthy diets can produce and whip up their culinary masterpieces right in their own gardens.
Farming made more fun in PH
La Lluvia (The Rain)
La Lluvia, meanwhile, has a thriving plant nursery. Ornamental palms such as Madagascar and Lastanilla blue and red palm, fan and Hawaiian, from seedlings to fully mature stages, surround the area—thus creating a fresh, tropical ambience.
Indeed, farming at La Huerta is more than just a weekend hobby but rather an integral part of your family’s healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.
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