By Vaughn Alviar @INQ_Property

September 17, 2022


Thousands flock to Tagaytay on weekends to experience that highland clime so sought-after in the tropics. Indeed, what wouldn’t a Filipino do to feel that comforting chill, to afford a break from the punishing heat.

What if that stay was not just a break, though? What if you had the liberty to stay in upland Cavite longer and call it your home? How your life would change, not having to weather the crawling weekend traffic or squeeze activities together to reach home before nightfall.

That life is possible now. The pandemic has allowed for more employees to pass deliverables from home. The government has spent significant sums to cut travel times from hours to just minutes between destinations and create new economic hubs. Builders have entered those up-and-coming locations, ensuring that anyone planning to migrate there would have desirable homes.

One such developer is respected brand Sta. Lucia Land Inc., which ensures a welcoming address just outside vibrant Tagaytay with Alta Vista Tagaytay. 
This project along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway proves Sta. Lucia’s passion for building premier communities. In upland Cavite, homebuyers can claim a sanctuary that suits and soothes them—a home that honors them, treats them to a daily vacation and helps them achieve a full life.

At Alta Vista Tagaytay, even the little details give off exclusivity. Generously sized suburban lots are prepared to receive even the bigger households. The project features modern designs and premium amenities that complement—not overpower or intrude upon—the charming locale.

The landscaped entrance gate commands attention. The clubhouse, the pavilion and recreational facilities elevate day-to-day living. Sta. Lucia also ensures quality onsite development: well-built roads and sidewalks, trusty storm drains underground, electrical and water facilities, among others.

This Sta. Lucia undertaking promotes for individuals and families a life heartily embracing well-being. Imagine yourself reveling every single day for the opportunity to begin and end your routine inside a fine house. Your windows give you awe-inspiring vistas and your doors lead you to summer fields where you can frolic rain-or-shine, or lie still and listen as elements of nature interact. Trees and other plants lining the walkways and other spaces insulate the community even on warmer days, and provide great spots for exercise and other activities. You may create memories with the people you cherish at the picnic grounds.

Finally, being in that corner of Cavite, you will surely enjoy the freshest produce, strong friendships with neighbors, vibrant displays of Filipino culture and values, and sure capital appreciation.

Sta. Lucia built a guardhouse at the gate to preserve the exclusivity and security of its undertaking. That’s only proper because Alta Vista Tagaytay would be only 3 km away from Tagaytay City Proper—less than 15 minutes away from financial and healthcare institutions, malls and retail hubs, schools and churches, as well as tourist draws.

If you are not looking to work in-city, seek jobs in Santa Rosa in Laguna, or Metro Manila. For those weekends, too, in case you need a change of scenery, you can drive off to other places in Cavite or Laguna or Batangas.

Alta Vista Tagaytay may beget an environment slow and carefree, but Sta. Lucia keeps it secure and exciting.

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