Sta. Lucia Group celebrates 50 years of developing lands and building communities.

The Sta. Lucia Group, led by publicly listed Sta. Lucia Land Inc. (SLI), has seen the highs and lows of the real estate industry, the cyclical changes in the economy, and the continuing transformations of consumer needs, tastes and preferences.

Over the last 50 years, the Sta. Lucia Group has managed to thrive well despite the economic boom-and-bust cycles and political upheavals, as seen in its growing portfolio of offerings that now includes lakeside communities, master-planned subdivisions, world class golf courses, condominiums, hotels and resorts, a mall complex and an office building.

The 40-hectare Acropolis Loyola by Sta. Lucia Land is well poised to offer the modern urban dweller an exceptional lifestyle.

While prudent fiscal management and sound strategies have played a key role in its continuing success, being “customer-centric”—knowing and anticipating the needs of its customers—allowed it to be a pioneer and to remain one of the most established players in the Philippine real estate industry today. “Having been in the business of developing lands and building communities for 50 years now, we have seen how the market has evolved. We have meticulously observed the changing needs, preferences and lifestyles of our investors and homebuyers to ensure that we will be able to effectively adapt to the times and deliver what we think is most suitable for them,” said Mr. Exequiel Robles, President of Sta. Lucia Land, the listed real estate arm of the Sta. Lucia Group.

The 20-story Arterra Hotel and Residences in Mactan, Cebu offers breathaking panoramic view of the ocean.

“Ensuring the company’s growth and relevance to society and the nation has always been our goal. It is for this reason that we strive to continue to build and develop projects that would allow for a better quality of life. We bring developments not only to city centers but to the fringes and the provinces to ensure a more inclusive growth and help drive economic activity in these areas,” said Mr. Vicente Santos, Chairman of Sta. Lucia Land.

Indeed, the Sta. Lucia Group has been a reliable partner of homebuyers by enabling them to realize their dream of owning a home; investors, by providing quality projects to beef up their investment portfolio; and of the nation, given real estate’s significant multiplier effects. With more than 250 projects across the country, there is no doubt of the contribution that the Group has made in the industry and the legacy it has built over the years.

The Orchard Golf and Residential Estates is a 4.5-ha community, where one can find two 18-hole championship golf courses.

“The industry can be both challenging and fulfilling. While our 50-year experience has given us valuable expertise and mastery of the real estate business, we cannot be complacent. We will continue to study the market to ensure that we will remain the Filipinos’ partner in their real estate journey, and be on the lookout for the latest trends and new areas to develop,” Robles added.

Add to that the fact that Sta. Lucia’s projects are not only in key city centers but are also found in fringe locations and the provinces, enabling the company to help fuel growth and spread progress to more areas in the country. Having that first-mover advantage, Sta. Lucia is able to cement a strong foothold in these markets, now considered viable destinations.

And as the Sta. Lucia Group celebrates its 50th year, it looks forward to further expanding its real estate offerings, all designed to help transform different areas in the country and improve the lives of its residents—effectively, becoming an enabler and catalyst for growth.

“It has always been our mission to be an enabler. We would like to be known as a company that builds to help improve the lives of hardworking Filipinos by giving them the opportunity to own something that they can truly be proud of and share with their families. By developing and building in the countryside and bringing in these areas an improved lifestyle, we know that we can make a huge difference,” Robles claimed. “We take great pride in what we’ve achieved over the last 50 years and we hope to sustain that by continuously building quality and value for money projects across the country. We will continue to fuel the fringe and expand our footprint in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao—creating more projects that will transform lives, stir progress and help in nation-building” he concluded.



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