By Theresa S. Samaniego Philippine Daily Inquirer October 27, 2018 at 5:50 am
Building a business is one tough job. More so, if you are eyeing a loftier goal of making a name in your industry. Local property developers know this challenge all too well. In their line of work, they are expected to create structures and communities that will not only help shape and redefine the cityscape, but also help improve the lives of their residents and businesses. And often, a property developer’s success is gauged by how much it is able to effect significant changes in the areas where it is present. And given the stiff competition in the housing industry, it takes more than just building skyscrapers and expensive homes for one to make a mark and earn the trust of the market. Thus, for trusted home developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc., staying strong in the field means not only creating well-designed projects but also giving buyers the best property developments in the most ideal locations, crafting the friendliest payment terms and having the right people to market its products.
“Sta. Lucia Land is able to last this long and weather a number of storms because of our commitment to serve the needs of our market, create communities that are built to last and which the market can truly afford and find value from,” said Sta. Lucia Land Inc. president Exequiel Robles. According to Robles, Sta. Lucia Land follows certain strategies and abides by a number of guidelines that allowed it to remain relevant even to this date. “The number of companies wanting to have a piece of the real estate market has continuously grown. And for us to remain competitive and relevant, we really have to strengthen our values, keep our focus and always evolve,” Robles claimed.
For Sta. Lucia Land, remaining relevant and keeping its legacy mean having these three key strategies intact and present in all its developments.
Choice homes in great locations
Sta. Lucia Land creates and builds well thought-out projects that help uplift and transform the lives of many individuals. With its wide product offerings, the company is able to cater to all types of market and provide them with diverse home choices. And what makes its developments even more better and of value is the fact that these are all located in key strategic areas and has access to major roads and thoroughfares. Indeed, Sta. Lucia Land builds where it matters and where it believes it can serve the market better. “Our projects are located in areas where public transport is readily available, has access to major roads and near key establishments and institutions that could help our homebuyers live a more comfortable and convenient life,” Robles explained. Today, Sta. Lucia has over 250 pioneering projects located in key areas across the country.
Friendly, affordable terms
Aware that it is everyone’s dream to own a decent home that they can pass on to future generations, Sta. Lucia Land makes it a point to build and create high quality projects which the market could afford. By creating affordable packages and friendly payment terms for its clients, Sta. Lucia Land has enabled many potential homebuyers to realize and live their dream. Through such innovative measures and practical home packages, it has also made owning a home truly reachable for many Filipinos.
Efficient marketing arms
While delivering high quality developments has always been Sta. Lucia Land’s primary goal, it has also never wavered in its commitment to have reputable and reliable people on board to work on its projects and to respond to every client and homebuyer’s queries. The company understands that it matters to have people on ground in order for them to better reach their market and showcase their products. Having a highly effective marketing team has always been its primary strength in keeping its foothold in the market.

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