By Vaughn Alviar @INQ_Property

January 14, 2023


For many Filipinos, a home symbolizes not only how much they have accomplished, but also how much they value their family.

Anyone who passionately seeks to find that ideal home—whether for themselves or for their loved ones—knows all about the hard work that goes into achieving that dream. They have to start saving up for a sizable fund, prepare for future expenditures like monthly amortizations, taxes and dues, and visualize how a future dwelling and lifestyle would actually look beyond the cutouts from magazines and newspapers.

For that last bit, aspiring homeowners will need to check out dozens of portfolios and websites, read various articles and even books, and come up with a short-list of reliable homebuilder partners for their journey. Here is a guide.

Find a home in the best location

You need to look for an address that doesn’t turn you into an island. You should look for one conveniently near or accessible to crucial spots like marketplaces, stores, schools and hospitals.

In the long-term, proximity will yield savings. But, since you’re looking into the future, it’s okay to look beyond locations that already have everything, especially if you’re looking for prices that are well within your budget. Find places that are emerging, have yet to reach their full potential, and are set to benefit from future developments.

Explore Sta. Lucia Land’s portfolio, and choose from there. The company does not only have premium quality developments in established centers, but also in emerging, potential-rich fringe areas, where they build new communities and help spur economic activities.

Seek a partner with a solid track record

Your developer needs to establish that you can trust it in as you undergo the process of owning your home and beyond.

By its sheer reach, Sta. Lucia proves that it knows how to build, overcoming various challenges and not leaving clients wanting for more. It now has more than 300 projects across 10,000 ha of land. These undertakings are not confined to specific contexts only, covering 70 cities and municipalities in 10 regions and 15 provinces. It has a big stake in the Philippine real estate industry and aims even higher.

Decide on the lifestyle you want for yourself and your loved ones

Do you see yourself living in a condo or a house-and-lot property? Do you want your nook overlooking a mountain or by a beach?

If you are targeting a forever home, you need to decide on the life you want to lead. Sta. Lucia’s projects include vertical and horizontal products. It has lot-only and house-and-lot packages, too. Dozens of its developments made a splash during their launches because they were designed to integrate resorts, beaches and lakes, even golf courses and race tracks. When homebuyers began moving in, these communities did not disappoint.

Definitely, whatever it is you are looking for, Sta. Lucia has something for you.

Find an address that gives you value for money

Do not look for homes that simply look good in photos because they could turn out poorly built or just plain fake. Some sellers do overpromise. It’s important to go and inspect the projects yourself, and find that you are getting what you pay for.

Thousands will tell you that living in Sta. Lucia communities pays customers that courtesy. Its buildings endure time and usage, the onsite development ensures safety and comfort, and the features and facilities ensure that you will get that home you’ve always dreamed of.

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