Author: Manila Bulletin Press Reader
Blessed with nature’s abundant wealth, lush rainforests and beaches, Palawan provides the perfect setting for any vacationer looking for a way to de-stress and go off the grid.
But more than just being a haven for vacationers and travelers, the province also serves as an ideal destination for investors looking to do business or expand their footprint. With ordinances, laws and incentives in place, many businesses view the province as a competitive and valuable market.
The City of Puerto Princesa seems to benefit from such bounty and effective governance as investors and various businesses continue to flock in the area. Whereas before, the city was only regarded as a jump off point to many of Palawan’s treasures, it is now also considered by many as an ideal investment destination, a hotspot for doing and growing one’s business.
The City of Puerto Princesa makes for a perfect business-leisure blueprint where individuals can work with less stress given its lush landscape and conducive business setting. This is why over the years, various industries are flourishing in the area including hotels, resorts and property developments.
“Puerto Princesa serves as a sanctuary that offers a multitude of lifestyle options. It presents a way of life that is a contrast to the fast-paced setting of the urban jungle and this is the reason why the city makes for an ideal investment destination,” said Sta. Lucia Land Inc. president Exequiel Robles.
Determined to offer a valuable investment option in the city, Sta. Lucia Land, in partnership with Carino Development Corp., helped conceptualized and masterplanned a luxury property development in Puerto Princesa called the Harbour Springs.
Harbour Springs has world-class features and amenities and is in close proximity to some of Palawan’s best tourist spots.
The highlight of the project is the Crown Residences, the condominium being developed by Sta. Lucia Land, which is set to open by summer of this year.
The Crown Residences features the Premier Condotel Suites and the Penthouse luxury Suites. The Premier Condotel Suites and the Penthouse Luxury Suites offer homebuyers and investors the opportunity to own a home while enjoying a lifestyle of luxury and a unique vacation experience.
What makes it an ideal investment is that one can own the said unit at a fraction of a cost through fractional ownership or co-ownership program. Considered as an innovative approach, the said program allows multiple buyers to co-own an asset, each having their own title based on the portion of their share.
As a co-owner, one may transfer, will or sell a specific fraction or percentage of the property. There will be a maximum of 12 co-owners in one Penthouse Luxury Suite. This approach offers a practical, affordable and intelligent way to indulge in a dream vacation.


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