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Forecasts for the Year of the Earth Boar are now out and you might have already checked out what 2019 has in store for you. Whether or not you will have a share of luck on your side, you might want to check out tips to further enhance it—especially if you are planning to buy a property or renovate your home this year.
Malaysia-based real estate consultancy firm, The Edge Property Sdn Bhd, quoted Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics founder Datuk Joey Yap as saying that while the Earth element suggests “sluggishness, it also meant it is a good time to be prudent and analytical as well as to seize opportunities to accumulate wealth through investments.”
One investment option is real estate. Having your own home or condominium unit is indeed a good way to beef up your portfolio. But before you invest in a property, you have to conduct a thorough due diligence so that you can avoid regrets in the end.
It is thus best to choose a reliable and trustworthy partner. One property developer you might want to consider is Sta. Lucia Land Inc., a company that has long made it its mission to help every hardworking individual fulfill their lifelong dream of owning a decent home.
Sta. Lucia has so far built over 250 pioneering, innovative projects ranging from golf courses, subdivisions, condominiums, resort-themed projects, lake communities to condotels.
If you have already picked out a Sta. Lucia property, you might want to consider applying some feng shui principles to help usher in natural positive energy into your new home.
The Chinese believe that with the proper location and form, residents will live in harmony and will enjoy good health and fortune. Here are some tips to get you started.
1. Location
According to feng shui principles, a house located on a high place is auspicious as this enables the best flow of energy. The lot must be square or rectangular in shape and must have an open area in front of the dwelling.  Avoid dead-ends, cul de sac or T-junctions as these will hinder the flow of energy.
Baguio is one of the ideal places to purchase a vacation or retirement home. Perched on a mountain top with lush pine trees as your surroundings, Baguio also serves as a quick getaway from the noise of the metro.
Sotogrande Baguio is one of Sta. Lucia’s latest projects, that is seen to offer residents and guests the best that the summer capital has to offer. The residential tower—which offers studio and one-bedroom units—treats its residents with the luxury of living in the comfort of pine-scented cool breeze and an amazing mountain view that only the City of Pines can offer.
2. Placement of trees
The placement of trees and shrubbery can also affect the flow of energy in a home. It’s best to choose homes that do not have trees or shrubberies blocking the front door and thus obstructing the flow of positive energy Bright colored flowers and the use of wind chimes can help attract good fortune.
3. History
Look into the history of a condominium or home which you are about to purchase by finding out who its past residents were and if there  any unfortunate incidents —such as death or misfortune—occurred there. These may negatively affect energy flow.
You should not also feel a sense of dread when entering the house. An area that is too quiet or has many vacant lots should be avoided because it is a sign of inactive energy.
The Queen City of the South is meanwhile flourishing with positive energy. Cebu City, a highly-urbanized city rich in history and culture, offers a thriving business environment and a conducive location to grow families.
One property you may want to consider is Nivel Hills, which is located at the heart of Cebu. This topnotch development combines the rustic vibe of provincial life with modern conveniences that are synonymous to a luxurious lifestyle.
With Nivel Hills’ top-quality, modern and posh designs, one is sure to find paradise in his or her future home. Nivel Hills further offers a stunning mountain scenery mountain and sweeping views of Cebu City.
4. Main door
Experts believe that the main door is considered as the mouth of the house which receives energy. It is imperative that the area in front of the main entrance should be wide because the bigger the area, the more it can retain positive energy. The ratio of the main door to the size of the house should be proportionate as well.

5. Staircases
Staircases should not be facing the main door. It is widely believed that when such construction is made inside the house, it could lead the positive energy away from the house.
6. Bedrooms
One should likewise avoid putting overhead beams in the bedroom. It is believed that the edges of the beam, when pointing downwards, can create unease in the room.
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