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It’s a Chinese folk belief but as we like to say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We are more than a week into the Ghost Month, and while we want to practice as much caution so as not to upset the hungry ghosts and spirits that are roaming in our midst until the end of August, we might find ourselves in situations wherein we would be left with no choice but to go against customs concerning this supposedly inauspicious month.
Tradition dictates that construction activities at home or purchasing condos or houses during this time is discouraged and should be put off until the Ghost Month has concluded.
However, if you only have this month to acquire that condo unit or house and lot that you’ve long been eyeing, know that there are a number of ways for you to prevent earning the ire of the spirits.
Feng shui experts advise to make an incense offering as incense is said to appease spirits and hungry ghosts. Get those incense sticks and pellets you’ve accumulated through the years, light these up and leave these burning safely every day right outside your new house’s front door. You may also walk around your home with your incense burner to let the sweet smoke from the incense bathe and cleanse your living spaces from negative energy.

Inviting luck during ghost month

Sprinkle your new house’s doorways and window sills with rock salt and keep your homes well-lit this Ghost Month.


Salt is believed to counter bad energy. Whether you’re moving in to a new condo unit or having some renovations done at your current house, sprinkle some rock salt on your doorstep, windows and every corner of the house as doing so is said to dispel dark energy. A glass of salt water on your bedside table is also believed to shoo away unfriendly spirits that may be lurking about in the room.

Maintain a happy and cheerful mood in your living spaces. Keep the lights bright, especially in corners. Change your curtains and sheets to bright red and orange colors. Turn your home into a clean and brightly-lit sanctuary as feng shui experts believe that this will counter the negativity that hungry ghosts will bring.
Coming home to a bustling community also contributes to having that upbeat and positive vibe in one’s living spaces. Long-standing property developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc. has a myriad of residential projects that are nestled right in the heart of thriving areas which will surely drive the gloom of hungry ghosts away.

Inviting luck during ghost month

Sta. Lucia Residenze is nestled within Sta. Lucia City in Cainta, Rizal, a fast-growing and flourishing area east of Metro Manila.


For one, there’s the Sta. Lucia Residenze which is situated within Sta. Lucia City in Cainta, Rizal, a fast-growing and flourishing area east of Metro Manila. This five-tower master planned luxurious complex is Mediterranean-inspired, giving you that cheery, vacation-like feel whenever you are at home. Located within its premises is the iL Centro Mall, a premier shopping mall that offers retail, dining and entertainment experience.
Another SLLI development that promises to be a sound investment is Beverly Place Residences and Business Estates.

Inviting luck during ghost month

Beverly Place Residences and Business Estates promises convenience and accessibility.

Strategically situated at the center of Mexico, Pampanga’s manufacturing, commercial and business zone, the 422-ha estate is designed to be the ideal place to live, raise a family, work and play in peace. Waking up each morning with nature at your doorstep and a magnificent view of Mt. Arayat will definitely chase any impending blues away.
As with all SLLI projects, Sta. Lucia Residenze and Beverly Place Residences and Business Estates both boast of efficient property management teams, well-thought-out amenities, beautifully designed homes and 24-hour security, assuring homebuyers of a worry-free and worthy investment even during the Hungry Ghost Month.
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