By Din M. Villafuerte

March 20, 2021

Nature has been prescribed by medical experts as a means to heal the body and soothe the mind. There is something about spending time outdoors, getting some healthy dose of sunshine, breathing in fresh air, looking at lush greenery and taking in the calming sound and sight of water.
Many drive to the beach, go on lakeside retreats or embark on reflective hikes up the mountains to take in the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits that being in a natural environment brings. With more than 7,000 islands, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to teeming flora and stress-relieving bodies of water. Add to that the rising number of well-thought-out property developments which seamlessly blend with nature and incorporate natural elements.
Trusted property developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc., for one, has long introduced and advocated the development of lakeside leisure living through its masterplanned communities located in various parts of the country.
“There is value in creating these types of communities,” explained Sta. Lucia Land Inc. president Exequiel Robles. “Future residents are afforded the luxury of living close to nature. Building numerous lakeside developments in the country allowed us to provide not just value-for-money investments but also homes that could help improve one’s quality of life.”
SLLI has a number of lakeside developments in its portfolio, including Catalina Lake Residences in Bauan, Batangas, and in Puerto Princesa, Palawan; The Lake at St. Charbel in Cavite; La Alegria in Silay, Negros Occidental; Marbella Lake Residences in Victoria, Laguna; and Los Rayos in Tagum, Davao.
“The pandemic likewise highlighted the need for ample space and even better quality of life and this, I think, is what we offer future residents of our lakeside communities—a safe space to grow and nurture their families, and a community that would allow them to pursue a healthy, dynamic lifestyle,” Robles shared.
Enjoying the outdoors
With lush greenery, scenic landscape and huge open spaces, SLLI’s lakeside communities make one fully appreciate the beauty and relaxing vibe of the outdoors. Here, one need not worry about crowds as there is ample space for everyone to enjoy their favorite activities. One can simply laze around and enjoy the view and feel of the outdoors without being concerned about physical distancing. There’s fresh, cool air for everyone to enjoy and the humming of the birds and sound of wind that could easily lull you to sleep.
Premium resort
living experience
As a masterplanned community that features lavish amenities, each SLLI lakeside development has a community clubhouse, a sports clubhouse and a paradise island complete with a swimming pool. Adding to the charm of the place is Sta. Lucia’s trademark lighthouse. Every SLLI development is built with covered courts for different sporting activities such as basketball and badminton. There are function rooms, coffee shops and a fitness gym as well.
Value-for-money luxuryImagine waking up to quiet mornings and being greeted by a serene view of the lake. It definitely can’t get any better than that. This is premium luxury at its best, with the man-made lake and the iconic lighthouse as the perfect centerpiece of the community—a distinct visual landmark you can’t get anywhere else. Since each community bears SLLI’s reputable seal, one is assured that his or her property will increase in value over time.
“We put a premium on one’s well-being. We understand that homes are investments made to provide security and comfort to its residents. Hence, we continue to develop projects that would allow future owners to achieve a certain level of convenience and serenity—something that we all need in these challenging and uncertain times,” Robles concluded.

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