The Filipino family has always been the inspiration for each of our property development. My father has instilled in us the desire to raise the quality of life of each of our customers and their needs are foremost being considered.
He always reminds us to draw lessons and inspiration from the company’s humble beginnings as a small family business. The continuous growth that it is currently experiencing is greatly attributed to the hard work, perseverance, and discipline of all the members of our family. This is the proud legacy that I want to pass on to my children.
Indeed, motherhood is a blessing and I will always be grateful that my mom is such a wonderful source of inspiration. She was able to create a balance that allows her to succeed in business and still made us feel that her family will always be her priority.
Being the daughter of two successful individuals definitely bears responsibilities and expectations. I thank my husband for his full understanding and support as I take on the challenges life throws my way. I would like my daughter to know that as I continue to be part of the corporate world, she will always have my love and support.

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