By Vaughn Alviar@INQ_Property

June 4, 2022 12:00:00

Wide space has become more of a prime commodity especially during the pandemic. In the new normal, many won’t want to feel cooped up at home ever again when disaster strikes.

One way to prevent that scenario is to settle in bigger homes in bigger lots. One can obviously do so much with more space. Views of and immersion in nature also translate to better well-being, lower incidences of health concerns, more meaningful social life and even greater resilience.

From leading developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc.’s portfolio of premium developments, one that will stand out to those seeking wider prime lots is La Huerta in Calamba, Laguna. The name—Spanish for “The Orchard”—suggests the green, relaxing, laidback life this 50-ha project has in store.

In La Huerta, Sta. Lucia went big on executive and exclusive living, offering 368 lots in Phases 1 and 2 with an average size of 750 sqm.

While expansive, only 20 percent of each lot may be used for residences. Owners can build basements and attics, but they can build the shell of their home only using materials in earth tones. These measures ensure that dwellers enjoy the full life in nature’s embrace.

Being a plantita or plantito becomes a way of life since the extra 80 percent of the lot area should be used for farming activities, such as cultivating crops, ornaments and vegetables. La Huerta garden management professionals and horticulturists will provide technical support and trainings to help homeowners succeed.

Animal lovers will like this Sta. Lucia product, too. Except swine, animals may be allowed on the estate as long as they are not used for commercial purposes. Each day also rewards dwellers with privileged views of Mount Makiling and Laguna de Bay. They get to breathe in the cleanest air among the cities of Southeast Asia, per AirVisual.

In the village, guarded by perimeter walls and security personnel, onsite development gives people the special treatment they deserve. The lots are divided into distinct communities: El Sol (the Sun), enriched with herbs and vegetables; La Luna (the Moon), where cacao, bignay, noni and dragon fruit grow; El Cielo (the Sky), hosting its own ostrich farm; and La lluvia (the Rain), home to tropical palms and flowers.

The amenities—gardens and promenades, a clubhouse, a swimming pool, picnic areas, a greenhouse, a basketball court, among others—will lure people out for much-needed socialization, exercise and Vitamin D.

While it feels like a private enclave, this address is on an accessible part of Calamba, itself the regional center of Calabarzon. The development is near industrial estates, farms, hospitals, schools, community spaces and leisure sites. It is half an hour to Tagaytay and an hour to Manila.

In La Huerta, you get the exclusivity and well-being you’ve always desired, without having to miss out on crucial growth opportunities.


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