Readily bask in the beautiful shores near your home in South Coast Seaside Residences.


Prolonged lockdowns and social isolation over the last two years left many yearning for the dream “beach life”.

Picture a lifestyle that will have you enjoying the sand and the sea from dusk till dawn, breathing in that fresh breeze every single day, and basking in much bigger—and a tad bit safer—spaces where you are free to move about. The beach life, no doubt, exemplifies the needs of today’s times—access to nature, fresh air, and bigger spaces.

This is the reason why there has been a growing and renewed interest in beachside properties.

Last year, Leechiu Property Consultants (LPC) reported an increase in transactions for such types of communities in Batangas, with “at least 40 properties” reportedly changing hands in just a few months’ time. The rising demand for beach properties also resulted in increased land values for the said period.

“The pandemic forced many of us to stay at home over the last two years. Traveling to our favorite tourist spots and beach destinations became a challenge then due to the lockdowns, prompting many of us to look into the value of investing in a beach home. Our long bout with the COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt given us a new appreciation for the beach and other outdoor settings,” said Sta. Lucia Land Inc. President Mr. Exequiel Robles.

“This is why investing in beachside properties has suddenly become logical—a must for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life even beyond the pandemic. Not only will you benefit from the value appreciation of your property, but you will also gain easy access to the so-called ideal lifestyle postpandemic,” Mr. Robles added.

However, the ideal beachside living can only be achieved if you buy from a reputable developer like Sta. Lucia. Having built over 250 projects across the country, the company clearly has an established track record which gives investors that much-needed guarantee of quality.

South Coast will offer a community that is conducive to raising families.

One of these is the South Coast Seaside Residences, Sta. Lucia’s latest resort community development.

Nestled in the pristine coastline of Lian, Batangas, South Coast is just three hours or less via the Cavite-Laguna Expressway. Here residents will be welcomed by fully landscaped entrance gates with guardhouses. As soon as you get into the compound, you will find the hallmarks of Sta. Lucia’s superb site development. You will be cruising on a wide concrete road. The place also has shade trees, mercury lamps, underground storm drainage, as well as electrical water systems. Maximum security is assured in this gated community.

Much like every masterplanned development by Sta. Lucia, South Coast will offer a community that is conducive to raising families and fostering strong ties with neighbors.

Aside from sharing a stretch of the coastline with Matabungkay Beach, residents and guests can visit the clubhouse to socialize. Families can access the swimming pool for those light moments while the basketball court invites the athletic set. Even the kids get their playground. Meanwhile, those who want to start a business can take root in the commercial area at South Coast.

“This latest seaside community promises to provide buyers with their desired lifestyle post-pandemic. Its strategic location promises proximity not only to your essentials but also to other destinations in nearby areas as Lian is sandwiched between Nasugbu and Calatagan. Great possibilities truly await in South Coast,” Robles concluded.

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Living the dream beach lifestyle at South Coast Seaside Residences

Living the dream beach lifestyle at South Coast Seaside Residences 


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