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By Meg Adonis @MegINQ

The Nasacosta Resort & Residences, comprising two six-story towers, provides a stunning, relaxing getaway for a home.

Ahome has always been that place where you can relax, unwind and simply shut out the stresses of a long, grueling day.

Such a comforting lifestyle, however, was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many to transform spaces in their homes into offices, classrooms, break rooms and gyms, where the tranquil, steady hours and the pressure-filled seconds have been blurred. On top of that, families who are afraid of catching this dreaded coronavirus constantly worry about having proper ventilation inside their homes, and enough access to airy open spaces.

Property developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc., however, does not see adaptability as a problem as it boasts of a wide array of choices for homeowners and investors navigating through the complicated paths of the “new normal.”

“The pandemic has definitely changed the way we live. Whereas before homes serve as a place to spend quality time with the family, now these also double as working and learning spaces,” said Exequiel Robles, president of Sta. Lucia Land Inc.

“And we, at Sta. Lucia, understand these changes well— in fact, even before the pandeming ic happened. Our developments are varied and well-suited to cater to a wide market seeking to live a multifaceted lifestyle,” he explained.

Being in the industry for more than 45 years allowed Sta. Lucia that foresight to know exactly what the market wants, Robles noted, and immediately adapt to the drastic changes triggered by crises.

To date, the real estate giant has developed more than 250 projects, including resort-inspired communities, lakeside developments, residential condominiums and house and lot units.

These developments also ease the worries of homeowners looking for open spaces, lush greenery, breathing room, various amenities and strategic locations that all tick off the required specifications for a safe and comfortable home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The new normal is no different, as we are bent on delivering projects that could meet and satisfy the daily needs of our investors and homebuyers. Our projects are built with all the essentials, from retail spaces to well-thought-out amenities and features that will allow them to work, learn and just simply relax and enjoy in the comfort of their homes,” Robles said.

To further widen its reach, Sta. Lucia is also looking at maximizing the ease granted by technology and social media.

According to Robles, his company has put in place safety measures and protocols that will allow them to effectively communicate and build a strong relationship with buyers, whose preferences have now been diversified in a bid to attain their most essential needs even after the pandemic passes.

“We are ready for a brighter and better future ahead and we are determined to afford [buyers] the same comfort and assurance that we’ve always provided them,” Robles stressed.

Whether it’s a simple, comfortable and welcoming home or a new business venture, Sta. Lucia assures discerning homeowners and potential investors that its menu of options can cater to their needs.

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