By: Tessa Prieto-Valdes – Columnist / @Inq_Lifestyle
Philippine Daily Inquirer / November 14, 2020
A picturesque lighthouse and a picnic area nestled in verdant greenery exude a serene vibe at The Lake at St. Charbel.
One of the many things we’ve probably missed during the pandemic and the quarantine is spending time in the great outdoors, enjoying wide open spaces and communing with nature.
Many have sought to get doses of nature right in their homes and hence we see many turning to farming and gardening as a way to relax and destress amid the challenges posed by the pandemic. Those living in high rise condominiums have created vertical gardens in their balconies or repurposed corners as home for their potted plants inside their living room. Those who have enough space outside their houses meanwhile have turned unused plots into gardens, planting colorful blooms or herbs they can use for cooking. And the benefits are proving to be innumerable. Apart from taking your mind off your worries, plants also help improve air quality and lighten the overall mood of your room.
As soon as the quarantine rules were eased, many then found themselves spending more time in pocket parks and whatever available open space they could find within the metro, enjoying some fresh air while of course, still observing physical distancing protocols.
If anything, this pandemic made us realize how important spaces and nature are to our well-being.
“We have seen how critical it is to have enough space to move around. Social distancing isn’t something we see as temporary. I think this will now become the norm and thus, it is important to live and reside in an area where there’s more than enough space for people to move around, have access to nature and have good air quality to breathe in,” said Sta. Lucia Land Inc. president Exequiel Robles.
“Never has nature and greeneries been more valuable than now. In fact, nature or the simple idea of creating your own green space had become a perfect therapy for many individuals while on quarantine. And this is something that we fully understand and long advocated for. This is why we have in our portfolio projects that would allow residents to commune with nature and to some extent, realize their dream of becoming a full-fledged gardener/farmer,” Robles added.
These projects include farm lots and lake communities that have proven to be highly valuable in today’s new normal. These communities allow residents to harness the healing benefits of nature and the bounty of the earth.
The Lake at St. Charbel in Cavite inspires an easy, laid back lifestyle with its lake, a picturesque lighthouse and picnic area nestled in verdant greenery, where you can enjoy the soothing comfort and healing benefits of nature. Leisure farm lots at La Huerta Farms and Residences in Laguna allow you to live sustainably as you enjoy a healthy harvest right from your backyard.
“We put a premium on one’s well-being. We understand that homes are investments made to provide security and comfort to its residents. Hence, we continue to develop projects that would help individuals achieve this objective. These projects would allow future owners to achieve a certain level of convenience and serenity—something that we all need in these challenging and uncertain times. It will serve as their sanctuary where they can peacefully retreat and truly find solace,” Robles said.
“Simply put, our lake developments and farm lots are actually projects that are built for and beyond the new normal. Here, one is afforded the luxury of space, the abundance of nature and the valuable bounty of the earth at the same time,” Robles concluded.
This pandemic made us realize how important spaces and nature are to our well-being.
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