There is force in solidarity.
And this couldn’t have been more true than in the case of trusted and long time developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc. (SLLI), whose different marketing arms have remained the company’s backbone in ensuring that the real estate firm would remain a top-of-mind-choice among homebuyers.
Orchard Property Marketing Corp., one of SLLI’s marketing groups, believes that the key to staying on top of the game was to remain attuned to the needs of its consumers.
“The secret is to keep abreast with the market’s ever changing demands and, more importantly, to maintain a happy and driven sales force,” OPMC president Eduardo U. Tirona said in an interview.
Aside from finding ways to maintain a healthy share of the market, a property developer must also be able to keep its sales force intact and well trained, he added.
This was critical as Tirona pointed out that the real estate products available in the market are now more varied, and customers have become more intelligent and discerning when it comes to choosing what they want to buy.
By working side by side with a strong and well-equipped sales team, they are able to surpass the challenges of a market that has been evolving through the years, Tirona further said.
Marketing know-how
Tirona explained that while his degree in Mechanical Engineering helped him hone his mind, it was his years in business graduate school that provided him with the “marketing know-how” that he needed to succeed in the industry.
“My mentor was my father who was a marketing person himself and of course, Mr. Exequiel Robles (the president of Sta. Lucia Land Inc.) for real estate marketing,” he said.
According to Tirona, they are lucky to have a supportive and fair part ner in Robles.
“Whatever help or assistance we need, for as long as it is valid, he will definitely give it. I don’t think I can find a better partner than Mr. Robles,” he disclosed, as he explained why he has remained loyal to the Sta. Lucia group throughout the years.
Today, Tirona currently provides the directions for OPMC and its people to ensure the successful implementation of their plans.
By continuously tracking the trends in the property market and by looking into what people are buying, they are able to come up with a more attuned and diversified offering to their buyers, he further said.
Common vision
According to Tirona, OPMC takes great pride in its “highly trained service-oriented workforce,” adding that he we would like to improve the benefits that their people can avail.
He believes this was necessary in order to develop the best manpower that could help them achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
“Our objective is to help Sta. Lucia in its planned growth by growing our effectiveness in all our marketing efforts,” Tirona shared.
Tirona said that through OPMC, they would continue to work for the same goal and for a common vision—which is to fulfill every hardworking Filipino’s dream to own a decent home in a secure and well-planned community.
OPMC started as an in-house marketing network of Sta. Lucia Realty and Development Inc. (SLRDI).
It eventually became an independent marketing firm that sells only SLDRI projects.

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