January 07, 2023

It’s such a relief that we can all travel again! It has been an amazing experience so far, as many of us now have started going out of town and out of the country with our family and closest friends, able to savor the beauty and wonders of places beyond our city.

Our country alone has so much to offer. It’s always a delight to hop on a plane or go on a road trip that would bring us closer to nature. And for sure, we won’t be left wanting for choices as the Philippines is teeming with all these exciting, gorgeous destinations—whether you want to take a hike, go glam in a luxurious mountain resort, nurture your inner plantita in a farm, or soak up the sun in our scenic beaches—some of which were even hailed as the most beautiful in the world.

But as with any other getaway, accommodations should always be an important part of your plan. After all, what makes it all relaxing and worth the trip is the thought that you’ll be pampered, you have great food to look forward to, and that you can just plop in a nice comfy bed after a whole day of beach activities, for instance.

Fortunately for us, our own property developers are upping their ante, bringing their own flavor of true Filipino hospitality in their respective hotel brands.

Sta. Lucia Land, for example, is already gearing up for what could be an influx of local and foreign tourists this year as it partnered with Enderun Hotels. At the same time, this collaboration will further strengthen Sta. Lucia’s hotel brands and presence across the country.

As a hospitality management partner, Enderun will deliver targeted solutions that will boost the operations, sales, marketing, revenue management of hotels and resorts under Sta. Lucia Land. These tailored services will not only ensure the growth of Sta. Lucia Land as a key player in the local hotel industry but will also, more importantly, enable the company to create truly exceptional guest experiences.

Under this agreement, Enderun will be providing assistance in corporate sales and marketing, training of personnel, promotions and maintenance or repairs on select Sta. Lucia hotels. It will also provide a “pre-opening service” which will begin three months before the completion of each identified hotel. During this period, Enderun will oversee the training of staff, installation of management information systems equipment, and even furniture selection.

Enderun is expected to run operations for Sta. Lucia hotels in Palawan and Baguio. The Taguig-based property management company will likewise be handling the overall operations of three Sta. Lucia hotels, namely The Crown Residences, Sotogrande Palawan and Sotogrande Baguio.

With the partnership, both parties are confident that they will be able to deliver and even go beyond providing the needs of modern travelers postpandemic. It will also prepare Sta. Lucia Land for the expected influx of both local and foreign tourists this year amid the returning confidence on travel and the lifting of restrictions.

For 2023, the Department of Tourism said it targets to have 4.8 million international visitors, up from the 2.65 million foreign arrivals recorded last year. The 2022 figures translate to P208.96 billion in tourism revenue, which was a clear signal that the Philippine travel and tourism industry is well on its way to recovery.

Source: Prime developer gears up for tourism boom
via Inquirer Mobile: http://inqm.news/sxlt

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