Add to cart. This is probably the three most dangerous words you’ll ever see. The proliferation of online stores made shopping all the more convenient and so tempting at the same time. The downside is that it’s also easy to lose track of how much cash you are spending.
It’s true that sticking to your budget is always a difficult task. But the trick is to remember that you won’t always be awash with cash. You can’t predict the future. There are plenty of unseen events that you should prepare for. So don’t spend all your moolah in one sitting.
The best time to manage your finances is now. Here are some tips on how you can save.
Be practical
Social media can easily pressure you to buy designer labels to fit in. But don’t be deceived. You don’t need to impress people with designer clothes and luxury bags and end up being broke. Be practical instead—you can find quality yet trendy stuff for less. You just need to know where to look.
Cut down on coffee, milktea

While it’s hard to say no to your daily dose of coffee and milk tea, it’s also not healthy to indulge yourself with your fave drinks everytime the craving kicks in. Instead of drinking expensive cups of coffee everyday, try doing thrice a week. It might do your body some good—and you get to fatten up your piggy bank too.
Make it a habit to save
There are plenty of means to save money, but it always boils down to one dilemma: is it a need or a want? Before buying anything, always ask yourself “is this a need or want?” It will help guide you on making the right decision. Always save more and spend less.

Saving for a good first home

Sta. Lucia has built over 250 pioneering, innovative projects across 10,400 hectares.


Invest your money
Let your money work for you. But make sure that you are investing your hard-earned savings in a safe, reliable investment option. Real estate, for instance, offers an excellent option especially if you are looking at the long-term.
If you have a parcel of land, a house and lot, or a condominium unit, there are ways to generate wealth from it. You can either lease it out or sell it for a profit, especially since land values, particularly in strategic locations, are most likely to appreciate over time.
You will, however, need to consider a property developer who is reliable and trustworthy, and who has a solid track record of putting up quality developments that have appreciated over time. Study your options well and weigh all the pros and cons before investing. Don’t let your savings go down the drain.
Trusted developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc. is one experienced realty firm that has proven to be reliable for more than four decades now. Over that span of time, it has built over 250 pioneering, innovative projects spanning across 10,400 hectares in 15 provinces.
More importantly, Sta. Lucia Land was able to transform idle lands into thriving premium residential and commercial communities, while helping improve lives of many Filipinos and spurring progress in the areas where it is present.
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