Nothing can be more fulfilling than seeing a dream come to fruition. Be it accomplishing a task or delivering a promise, dreams that turn to reality could often give one a certain sense of satisfaction—a kind of fulfilment and pride that comes with, for example, being able to provide one’s family a home they can call their own.
While owning a home has always been on top of everyone’s agenda, difficulties in securing financing and the rising cost of residential units have often hampered one from ticking this particular item from his or her list.
Fortunately, there are developers who are well aware of such a problem, and are now working double time to urgently address this hurdle. Trusted property developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc., for one, is among the companies that have long sought to provide every hardworking Filipino that fair chance to fulfill a life long dream of owning a decent home.
With four decades of experience and having gone through the different economic cycles, Sta. Lucia has already gained a deeper understanding not only of the local real estate industry, but also of its customers and the changing aspirations of Filipino families.
And one such development that caters to the Filipinos’ growing appetite for a home that will not only provide a roof over their heads, but can also provide a better and upgraded lifestyle would Sta. Lucia Land’s Nottingham Villas, a collection of townhouse units set amid well thought-out, masterplanned communities in Iloilo, Palawan and Taytay.
Nottingham Villas offers a practical investment for families and professionals alike who are seeking for a proposition that is well worth their every hard earned peso, and a perfect sanctuary in this day and age when big spaces are almost considered as luxury.
Here are some of the reasons why buying a home at Nottingham Villas should be an individual’s top priority, especially for overseas Filipino workers, who are seeking for ways to further uplift the lives of their families back home.
Sensible development
For years, Sta. Lucia Land has created nothing but developments that serve as the perfect refuge for the weary urbanite, and Nottingham Villas is no different.
All units have been designed and fitted with features, fixtures and amenities deemed necessary to achieve that so-called perfect work-life balance.
A truly sensible development, future homeowners at the Nottingham Villas can only look forward to creating perfect and lasting memories and spending quality time with their loved ones.
Tangible asset
There could be no better investment than a home as the value of such property often increases over time. This is something that the people behind Sta. Lucia Land would want many hardworking individuals to be aware of and realize, especially the OFWs and employees in the IT and business process outsourcing industry, who may want to considering pouring in their hard earned income on a tangible asset as Nottingham Villas.
The company believes that if a developer is really bent to be a partner in nation building, then it must be able to create and deliver products that the market can afford without being shortchanged. And this is what Sta. Lucia Land has been doing for the last four decades, providing every Filipino the fair opportunity to fulfil a dream by delivering products that are not only affordable but also of quality.
Sta. Lucia Land believes that more than making a profit, what’s really important is for a developer to create projects that are both affordable and of high quality. But despite the product’s affordability, the company has managed to deliver well thought developments and decent living spaces—one that is not cramped and has enough room for the family to enjoy.
Lasting treasure
A home is an investment that can be passed on from generation to generation. And this is what the people behind the Sta. Lucia brand understood well, as the business itself was something that was passed on from one generation to another.
As such, it knows the value of creating developments that families can truly treasure. Homes, when built by reliable developers like Sta. Lucia Land, are sure to withstand the test of time—similar to how the company has managed to survive even after going through different economic cycles over the past decades.
Unmatched quality
Many can lay claim to delivering and developing the most number of homes. But there are only a few like Sta. Lucia Land who can vouch that their projects have been built with unmatched quality.
Take for instance the Nottingham Villas where every material that has been used was carefully chosen to complete a practical, functional and charmingly quaint place.
But what really sets Nottingham Villas apart from other developments is that despite its affordability, the company made sure that the structure’s quality will not suffer or be compromised.
All Nottingham Villas developments went through thorough planning and were created with brilliant minds on board thus giving one that much needed assurance.
Choice locations
A development is rendered useless if it’s located in an area where access is limited. And this is something that will surely not be a concern for future residents of Nottingham Villas.
Much like Sta. Lucia Land’s other developments, the Nottingham Villas in Iloilo, Palawan and Taytay are strategically located and can be easily accessed as it is near airports and main roads.
Both developments are likewise near various places of interest, major institutions, and commercial areas. Indeed with Nottingham Villas choice locations residents will thus find it easy to got to and fro the major business districts of Iloilo, Palawan and Taytay.
Intricately planned
No one can question the experience of Sta. Lucia Land when it comes to creating masterplanned developments. As the company operates under the strict guidance of its president, Exequiel D. Robles, homeowners are thus assured of owning a structurally sound and intricately planned development.
Working on preserving the legacy left by the founders of the company, Sta. Lucia Land assures future homeowners at the Nottingham Villas of the same discipline and innovative approaches that the company has employed in all its other developments.
As most of Nottingham Villas’ residents comprise of Philippine society’s hardworking individuals, nothing less is expected especially when it comes to amenities.
Wanting to reward homebuyers with a rejuvenating and relaxing vibe, Nottingham Villas had been built with amenities that are sure to allow one to regain that lost energy and stamina after a gruelling day at work.
After all, the people behind the brand believes that one can only achieve a balanced life if he or she is provided with the necessary tools to make living in the concrete urban jungle more relaxing and enjoyable.
And with the sincere desire to uplift the life of its residents, Sta. Lucia has equipped most of its developments with private function rooms, pools and other amenities needed to achieved life’s perfect equilibrium.

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