The country’s vibrant real estate scene has had developers working double time to meet a rising demand for quality living spaces and to provide the discerning market with the so-called “new” necessities.
The growing competition among industry players and the the brisk take up of residential condominium units, lots, and house-and-lot packages have since prompted many property developers to create more innovative and niche projects catering to a wider range of buyers.
Consequently, this move has afforded many homebuyers and investors the luxury of choice—more offerings to choose from, more flexible investment options, and more importantly, better access to financing. Hence, we can only expect this thriving real estate scene further improving the quality of lives of many Filipino homeowners, while at the same time,  helping the nation to achieve a more inclusive growth.
One developer that has long been helping build the nation one masterplanned project at a time is Sta. Lucia Land Inc. For decades now, this seasoned property developer has been providing home seekers a vast array of choices that meet the demand for new necessities. That’s why in its portfolio, Sta. Lucia has resort-themed projects, condotels, golf projects and premium lakeside communities among many others.
SLI helps foster nation building one home at a timeSLI helps foster nation building one home at a time
“We believe in the value of creating projects that would not only help our buyers build their portfolio but also one that would allow them to experience an enhanced lifestyle. Home investment is a fulfilling journey, it’s a realization of a life long dream and a perfect start to create one’s legacy,” said Sta. Lucia Land president Exequiel Robles.
“At Sta. Lucia, every project we build is geared towards improving the lives of our end users. As we continue to create and deliver projects that are built to last, we not only improve the overall property landscape but we also add value to areas where we are now located,” he added.

By moving outside Metro Manila. Sta. Lucia Land was able to expand its footprint in key provinces, and establish a strong foothold in the property sector. It is through such strategy that it managed to showcase its expertise in creating well planned estates, world-class golf courses, top notch resort communities and high value subdivisions and residential condominiums.
“We want to be a reliable partner in nation building and we hope to achieve that by giving Filipinos the opportunity to own their first home. We believe that a decent shelter is where it all starts.  By providing individuals a conducive community, they become more productive and eventually serve as an asset to the community to which they belong. Families and individuals thrive if they are given the right tools and the perfect environment—and so this is what we try to provide and achieve in all of our projects,” Robles explained.

SLI helps foster nation building one home at a time

Sta. Lucia builds in areas where its projects are most needed.

With real estate expected to remain a bright spot in the economy, Sta. Lucia continues to create projects in areas where these are most needed. Banking on the government’s Build, Build, Build program, this trusted developer continues to move to areas where major infrastructure projects are underway. It has likewise moved to second tier cities and provinces, believing that it won’t be too long before these areas become ripe for development.
Today Sta. Lucia Land has more than 250 pioneering, innovative projects spanning 10,400 ha, spread across the country.
“We will continue to build and create landmark developments that hardworking Filipinos can truly find value from. There’s no stopping Sta. Lucia Land in laying down the foundation to achieve a more inclusive growth, and in building homes that will allow more individuals to live the life that they’ve always dreamed of,” Robles concluded.
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