While city centers and central business districts remain to be favorite locations when it comes to real estate development, Sta. Lucia Land goes on a slightly different approach.



Established in 1972 by the members of the Robles and Santos families, Sta. Lucia Land primarily focuses on planned residential subdivisions that cater to a broad market spectrum, from affordable to luxury segments. Over the past five decades, the company has built golf courses, country clubs, a shopping mall, lakeside developments, resort-themed communities and vertical residential developments, among others.

At present, Sta. Lucia Land has developed more than 10,000 hectares of land for around 250 projects throughout the Philippines.



It is common knowledge that real estate properties in central business districts and growth centers tend to have higher prices compared to other locations. With Sta. Lucia Land’s housing projects located at the fringes of the metro, owners and tenants get to have bigger spaces at more affordable prices.

With such a deal, it’s no surprise that its housing projects have attracted a diverse clientele including families, foreign newly married couples, retirees, young urban professionals and overseas Filipino workers.

Sta. Lucia Land’s mission to bring its brand to the fringes of the metro holds an equally important reason—to fuel growth and progress to these areas. By bringing residents in these emerging developments, it is able to create new landmarks that could bring potential investors and other properties into the area, therefore diluting congested metropolitan areas into these flourishing communities.



When companies transitioned from physical offices to work-from-home setups at the peak of the pandemic, there has been an increased demand for real estate properties in many emerging cities in the Philippines.

A slightly conservative yet timely move is similarly done by Sta. Lucia Land through its various land and property expansions that span Luzon to Mindanao. As more people go back to the province and invest in lots and spaces, the company will be acquiring an 8,227-sqm land in Davao del Sur, a 25,000sqm property in Iloilo and a 5,000-sqm land in Batangas.



With the belief that progress and economic growth should go beyond the metro and central business districts, Sta. Lucia

Land continues its legacy of providing Filipinos affordable and luxurious properties that could collectively boost the country’s overall growth.

Through the years, Sta. Lucia Land has not only created a portfolio of diverse property developments and real estate ventures in the Philippines, but has also become a reflection of the ever-changing landscapes and lifestyles in the countryside resulting from the hard work of every Filipino.

The author (Ianfulgar.com) manages his own architectural and technology studio helping local and international clients looking for unique and future design specialties for hotels, condominiums, museums, commercial and mixed-use township developments with a pursuit for the meta-modern in the next Philippine architecture.


Source: https://pressreader.com/article/281977495891969

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