From Pangasinan to Davao, its landmark projects have created a huge difference in the lives of many families and investors

Publicly listed Sta. Lucia Land Inc., under the Sta. Lucia Group, remains steadfast with its goal to help bring progress outside the capital region and city centers with its continued expansion in the countryside.

As one of the pioneering developers who believed in the potential of the fringe areas, Sta. Lucia has become a catalyst for growth and progress as it brings its expertise in creating master-planned residential communities to more areas across the country. Here, Sta. Lucia Land doesn’t only provide residents with beautiful landmark developments they can proudly call home, but also gives the host communities new opportunities for business and employment, thus helping fuel economic activities in the area.

“We don’t want to just concentrate in the city and established business districts. We believe that to really make a change and to contribute significantly to nation building, we must bring our developments to the countryside. We believe that we are one of the pioneers when it comes to building outside of conventional locations,” said Sta. Lucia Land Inc. President Exequiel Robles.

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The 22.88-hectare Green Meadows Iloilo is home to the province’s first residential lake community.

Even at the onset, the Sta. Lucia Group has been investing heavily in the fringe areas as it was the first developer to bet big on the eastern corridor of the metro — even providing the area its first full-scale mall, quality homes, and high-rise condominium units. 

At present, the Sta. Lucia Group has more than 300 projects in its portfolio, comprising resort-themed developments, lake and golf communities, lots, townhouses, retail and office spaces, condotels, among others.

“We have long seen the value of investing in and developing these areas. I would like to believe we have the first-mover advantage, which gave us the opportunity to strengthen our brand. The satisfaction of helping bring progress and well-planned projects in those areas is indeed undeniable,” Robles said. “This is why we remain on the lookout for more potential areas, where we could bring our developments and help enhance the lives of the people in the communities. For us, building and creating something must not end in the city and CBDs, but rather it must expand further in the countryside.” 

From Pangasinan to Davao, Sta. Lucia’s landmark projects have indeed created a huge difference in the lives of many families and investors. Here are some of those projects.

Sta. Lucia currently offers Nasacosta Resort & Residences, which champions a resort lifestyle enriched by the relaxing sounds and stunning sights by the coast as its name connotes.

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The 19-hectare Nasacosta Resort & Residences in Nasugbu, Batangas gives a new meaning to beachside living. 

The name Nasacosta is a combination of the Filipino word “nasa” which means “at the” and “costa,” Spanish for coast.

Nasacosta — situated along a strip of carved beachfront adjacent to high-end developments — is composed of residential lots at The Ridge; condominium units at The Peaks; condotel units at Nasacosta Hotel; and membership beach club, The Sands.

Sta. Lucia Land currently has 18 different projects, including Ponte Verde, Rancho Palos Verdes, Alta Monte Residential Estates, Ciudad Verde, Valle Verde Residential Estates, Centropolis and South Grove. Steadfast and optimistic about the growth in Mindanao, it has invested in Las Colinas at Eden.

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The 164-hectare Rancho Palos Verdes in Davao features a world-class golf course and country club.

One of its latest projects here is Los Rayos Lake Residences in Tagum, a 37-hectare property inside the much bigger agri-tourism township called Hijo Estates. It boasts of a grand community clubhouse with its own resort-style pool, playground and basketball court, an entry statement by artist Kublai Millan, a lighthouse, a function room and its centerpiece, the four-hectare lake area.

Negros Occidental
Even closer to a capital city is the La Alegria Residential Estates, a lakeside community. This development in Silay City is 30 minutes away on wheels from the center of Bacolod City and a mere 10 or so minutes from both Silay proper and the international airport.

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The 67-hectare La Alegria in Silay City, Negros Occidental features resort facilities with a manmade lake as its centerpiece.

Ideally built for the Negrenses, future residents can look forward to a convenient and relaxing lifestyle as it is built with resort facilities including a ballroom, courts, gym, pool and coffee shop, among others. Go out a little further and you will readily enjoy Paradise Island’s pool, gazebo, picnic area and lighthouse.


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