PUBLICLY listed Sta. Lucia Land Inc. knows all too well the plight of hardworking overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). Thus, it ensures that they can count on Sta. Lucia Land for a smart, practical and hassle-free home investment in secure communities, which could provide them the kind of life they’ve always wanted for themselves and their families.

“We understand the challenges and hardships every Filipino goes through every time they leave the country to work. They are not called modern day heroes for nothing. And this is what inspires us to continue creating communities that are truly worth their hard-earned investments. Sta. Lucia Land’s vision is built on the Filipinos’ desire to own a home and live a decent and purposeful life,” explained Sta. Lucia Land Inc. President Exequiel Robles.

The Sta. Lucia Group has long been a partner of OFWs, offering them quality homes in themed communities located in more than 250 projects across the country. From golf and lake communities, resort-themed developments, condotels, lots, to house and lots Sta. Lucia has truly been a dependable ally of many Filipinos in realizing their dreams to own a home.

Especially over the last two years, at the height of this still raging pandemic, many OFWs have become even more aware of the importance of investing in a home. The crisis forced many to re-evaluate their priorities in life and encouraged OFWs to work hard, build up their savings and invest on things that truly matter — a home.

“While most have become more conservative and wiser with their spending, we also saw a growing interest and demand from OFWs for our projects. This pandemic, after all, highlighted the need of having a safe and conducive space — exactly what we are giving to our OFWs. We are happy that we are helping OFWs fulfill their lifelong goal of coming home to a place they’ve worked hard for,” Mr. Robles said.

“That’s why we will continue to build and create communities that our modern day heroes deserve. We will make sure that every homecoming will be memorable and enjoyable. Every Sta. Lucia community is built to last, assuring OFWs of an investment that will not only grow in value overtime, but one that could also provide them the perfect setting for a safe, comfortable and convenient life,” he concluded.


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