Woodside Garden Village has the charm of an elegant country lifestyle and designed to be a blend of nature’s color and texture.
By: Din M. Villafuerte – @inquirerdotnet
Philippine Daily Inquirer / 05:21 AM August 25, 2018
Investing in real estate, such as a house and lot, may seem intimidating, but it’s most probably one thing that’s on everybody’s wish list.
Despite the growing popularity of high rise residential condominiums in the country, there is still a considerable portion of the market who would rather put their hard-earned money on a horizontal development. We look at some of the advantages of acquiring a house and lot.
Gain control over your living space
You can renovate or remodel as much as you want.
Living in a single detached dwelling allows you all the freedom to modify it according to your taste and what will suit your and your family’s needs.
Whether you want extra rooms inside your house or a big yard for your kids or a landscaped garden, the decision is all yours. It also gives you more room for storage since you have space for an attic or a basement.
A single-detached house saves you the worry of having to abide by stringent rules which some condominium developments require unit owners to follow when it comes to doing alterations even inside their very own home.
Keep as many pets as you like
Having a dog or a cat (or both) is not a problem when you choose a detached residence.
In fact, you can have as many pets as you want, provided that you are responsible pet parent and can take good care of them. You don’t need to worry about whether you can keep them inside the house or have them in a kennel at your own yard.
Additionally, having your own yard gives your pets the space to run around and exercise instead of just being cooped up inside the house.
Real estate increases in value over time
Unlike some tangible properties that depreciate, real estate is one possession whose value grows exponentially over time. With real estate, you are somehow assured of a long-term increase in value especially if your chosen house and lot is in a good location. You can even influence the value of your property by renovating and making improvements on it.
Something you can pass on
It is always a parent’s dream to be able to leave a legacy to his or her children. Here is an investment that will not only benefit you but also the generations that will come after you.
And assuming that your property is managed and cared for really well, you can pass this on to your children and your children’s children.
Trusted property developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc. brings yet another residential community where you can live the life you have always wished for.
Woodside Garden Village has the charm of an elegant country lifestyle and designed to be a blend of nature’s color and texture. The 60-ha property offers 120-sqm lots to those who wish to call this carefully designed community their home.
Located in Urdaneta, Pangasinan, colorful and towering trees and fully landscaped avenues await Woodside’s homeowners. An American-Californian theme completes the masterplanned development’s natural and picturesque character.
Here, form and function are combined to create appealing pocket parks that Woodside’s future residents can enjoy.
Woodside also takes pride in having the finest clubhouse development in Pangasinan. It boasts of a fully airconditioned multipurpose hall that promises to be the perfect venue for its residents’ special affairs.
Completing the clubhouse is a junior Olympic-size pool, a kiddie pool, tennis and basketball courts, kiosks and trellises, parks and playgrounds.
Indeed, one’s dream of owning a home which someday can even be a legacy is now made more achievable with Woodside Garden Village.

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