Christmas is the biggest and most awaited occasion for many Filipinos because it is during this time of the year when most overseas Filipino workers would come home to be with their families.
This is one event OFWs look forward to because they are able to reunite with their families when they can see a complete picture of how their loved ones are actually doing.
As developers, this is also a crucial time for us as it is during this season that they check on the investments and property they acquired from us. They would check on the facilities and overall condition of the development.
And for us at Sta. Lucia Land, we always remain confident that what we have given our buyers, most especially the OFWs, is something that is worth their hard earned money.
I am happy that our company served as an instrument for these people to achieve and fulfill their dreams in life. We, at Sta. Lucia, always makes it a point to deliver what we have promised and this is why our clients are also satisfied.
We also help them realize the value of having their own homes as this could help guarantee a good future for their families and loved ones.
Today, the promises we have committed have come to fruition. We are proud to claim that these projects are of the right value and that we don’t take any shortcuts nor do we shortchange buyers.
And this is because we want to keep that fire in their hearts so they will continue to believe that they can achieve whatever it is they dream of for as long as they work hard for it.
This Christmas, we at Sta. Lucia hopes to continue inspiring fellow Filipinos to keep that flame burning so that they could achieve their heart’s desire. By keeping the flame alive, and making them believe in the power of a dream, we are confident that it won’t be long before we see an end to poverty and housing.
This Christmas, it is my fervent wish that the marginalized will soon be given a fair chance to have a roof over their heads and food on their tables.

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