By Din M. Villafuerte

April 23, 2022 12:00:00


Especially for tired and stressed out city dwellers, this part of Luzon has long been an easy pick whenever one needs a quick getaway from the hustling metropolis.

While the Calabarzon Region is known for being an industrial powerhouse, it also has its fair share of lush mountains, balmy beaches with turquoise waters, sprawling nature reserves, and not to mention a diverse offering of some of the most delectable dishes in this part of the country. Thanks to the continuous development of infrastructure heading out to this part of Luzon, traveling to the five provinces that comprise this region—Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon—has become even more convenient.

Those who want a brief respite from the heat and rush of Metro Manila can easily head to Tagaytay for its cooler weather and restful surroundings. Add to that the picturesque views that one can get of Taal Lake and Volcano from practically any vantage point.

Just a two-hour drive from Manila, the city has a good deal of spots—from cafés to parks—where you can hang out, take a breather, curl up with a good book or whip out that sketchbook you’ve long been intending to fill up.

Calabarzon has plenty of green as well for serious golfers and enthusiasts of the sport. Cavite alone is home to quite a number world-class, well-designed fairways.

For the more adventurous ones or those who seek to be inspired by nature, one can withdraw instead to the province’s numerous trails found in Mount Marami, Mount Batulao, Mount Buntis or Mount Palay-Palay and Mataas na Gulod National Park. The latter is Cavite’s biggest protected area and is home to an assortment of wildlife and has been declared a game refuge and bird sanctuary.

For landlocked beach lovers, the coastal towns of Batangas provide an instantaneous escape. The town of Lian, where popular Matabungkay Beach is located, is in fact a mere two to three hours from the metro. Aside from Lian, Batangas, there are the towns of San Juan, Calatagan, Tingloy, Anilao and Nasugbu, just to name a few, which gives you a lot of options where to lounge and recharge. Here, you can take in the exhilarating smell of the ocean breeze and get enough sunshine for a boost of vitamin D and serotonin.

Indeed, it won’t be surprising if you’d find yourself looking for a permanent address in these parts of Calabarzon. Avid golfers and those who dream of waking up each morning greeted by a verdant landscape can choose between Splendido Taal Towers in Alfonso, Cavite, and Eagle Ridge Golf and Residential Estates in General Trias.

Nestled along Tagaytay Ridge and thereby granting its residents an impressive view of Taal Lake and Volcano, Splendido comprises four towers and promises to be the ideal weekend retreat for the entire family. Eagle Ridge, meanwhile, consists of five residential enclaves, four 18-hole fairways, golf club villas and a town center.

For sea, sun and sand worshippers, the resort communities of South Coast Seaside Residences in Lian, Batangas or Nasacosta in Nasugbu are calling.

Situated along the coastline of Matabungkay Beach, South Coast offers a relaxing paradise lifestyle where one can easily escape to the comforts of nature. Nasacosta, a resort-residential development, stands along a strip of carved beachfront in Nasugbu and allows its residents and guests unhampered views of the ocean.

Whether you want to be next door to inspiring nature parks or the mood-enhancing shore, there’s an ideal home for you in trusted property developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc.’s rich portfolio of masterplanned and well-thought-out residential projects.

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