Areas north of Metro Manila have transformed.

Those who have traveled to the upper half of Luzon would’ve observed how idle lands turned into bustling hubs and structures grew grander, especially in places like Tarlac and Pampanga. When you do take a stopover and spend some time there, you also get to appreciate not only what is new but also what has been endured.

That balance—between dynamism and tradition, between progress and stillness—is something that people have been falling in love with, the reason many have considered relocating or investing in Tarlac and Pampanga. If you are considering “a change of scenery” for you and your family or preparing to diversify your investment portfolio, here are reasons to set your sights in the north.

Culture and heritage

This time of year, both Tarlac and Pampanga are all decked for Christmas, thanks to their long-held traditions of belenismo and parol, respectively. Those hint at how the past is cherished there. Beyond the season, you will find their rich culture and heritage in their age-old structures, artisanal handicraft and scrumptious cuisine, among others.

You will also find social life warm and endearing because people are optimistic, hospitable, spiritual and hardworking. The sense of community is strong, too, so you will easily feel that suburban vibe.


To help spread progress to the countryside, the government has built new infrastructure that would better connect provinces and regions, while encouraging investment outside the capital. Tarlac and Pampanga are among the provinces that currently reap the rewards of this endeavor, given the new and improved roads and big developments in the Clark corridor, among others.

In the future, once the economy fully recovers, these areas stand to gain so much more. Just imagine an investment of P1.6 trillion all going to infrastructure in Central Luzon alone.

Economic vibrancy

Early this year, the Philippine Board of Investments noted that Central Luzon was the most invested region in 2020, taking 56.5 percent of the total approved investments in the country, amounting to over P1 trillion. That suggests the economic optimism in the region. In Pampanga and Tarlac, that has led to more diverse options in the marketplace, more and better services, and new investment opportunities. It is a perfect time to ride the tide.

New address

If you wish to step into Tarlac and Pampanga, lots of new homes await. Developers, indicating confidence in the two provinces, are constructing nonstop.

Look up Sta. Lucia Land, whose stellar record includes 250-plus developments nationwide. It has Beverly Place (Mexico) and Glory Heights (Santo Tomas) in Pampanga, and El Pueblo Verde (Gerona) and Green Meadows (Paniqui) in Tarlac. Take advantage of the benefits that beckon in those promising provinces north of Manila with addresses that are strategically located.

While you strive, live comfortably in a fine home within a masterplanned community, assured of quality onsite development, utmost security and capital appreciation.

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