After the new coronavirus stalled the world, we want the Year of the Metal Ox to be auspicious. As we head into the Lunar New Year this Feb. 12, our hope is stubborn. Understanding this yearning for better days, we gathered insights from some consultants and masters in feng shui to help you unlock a blessed year ahead.

Clean your home

The home should be in tip-top shape to invite positivity and ward off bad luck. According to World of Feng Shui, some families actually begin cleaning two months prior—repairing broken items, cleaning out rubbish, even buying brand new stuff. Hang red lanterns and place a red carpet on your doorstep for good luck.

Feast with family

We had to forego several New Year traditions because of the pandemic. But we could always set up a “tray of togetherness” with sweets, biscuits, lemon seeds and oranges. Prepare a minimum of eight dishes, all should carry positive symbolism. Don’t forget pancit for long life.

Give away ang pao

The red envelope is a symbol of luck, life and happiness. Children and unmarried relatives often receive it. One would be missing the point if they expect a large amount slipped inside it, though. Primarily, this token stands for good wishes. Giving it out mutually benefits the giver and receiver. Avoid arguing and make amends so you don’t counteract the ang pao.

Let the flowers bloom

During the Chinese New Year, flowers symbolize rebirth and new growth, noted website The Chinese Zodiac. Decorate living spaces with plum and bamboo blossoms for perseverance and flexibility, respectively. Also try peonies and chrysanthemums.

Wear lucky colors

Metallic gray and aqua blue are the colors of the year. The first color is self-explanatory. The second brings luck as it calms and reinvigorates, according to The Chinese Zodiac. The upside: these colors are chic in both fashion and decor.

Find peace

Strife, drama and health concerns can still lord it over 2021. Thus, seek peace in sanctuaries built by Sta. Lucia Land Inc. (SLLI). Buy an ideal address with topnotch amenities. Go home to Spanish-inspired Palma Homes at Metropolis North in Calumpit, or the luxury residences in Colinas Verdes Residential Estates in San Jose Del Monte, both in Bulacan. Bask in glory and opulence at Glory Heights Residential Estates in Santo Tomas, Pampanga, or Marbella Lake Residences in Victoria, Laguna.

Invest wisely

While 2021 is a year of recovery and possible stagnancy, some industries will fare better than the rest. Grand master Raymond Lo said fire and earth may bring yields. Thus, real estate and land development are promising. Grab this opportunity by investing in properties offered by Sta. Lucia Land, whose track record proves its ability to deliver quality work and capital appreciation. Choosing Sta. Lucia Land can prove auspicious far beyond 2021.

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