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Scampering in on the eve of Jan. 25 is the Metal Rat, the first zodiac sign in the Chinese cycle.
The ancient story goes that the Jade Emperor, ruler of the gods, said he would take 12 animals as his guards and, thus, hosted a race to find which 12 would get to him first.
The rat started his journey early. When he met the ox on the way, he struck a deal: he would sing to the latter if he allowed the rat to hitch a ride to the finish line. The ox agreed. Just when they were to arrive, the rat sneakily jumped over the ox’s head and landed at the feet of the god. Its agility, intelligence, and quick-thinking enabled it to win the contest against formidable contenders. The Lunar New Year, thus, begins with the smallest animal in the dozen.
It is also a metal year. This means that people will be sharper and more detail-oriented. Decisiveness and persistence will be strong characteristics.
Will the year be kind? Should you be investing? Should you be in business? Here are some guidelines to help you weigh the possibilities.
(1) First off, invest. As the cycle begins again and the Chinese zodiac comes full circle, the year of the perceptive rat is generally a lucky, prosperous one. So this is the year to invest and reinforce business ventures. If the Year of the Boar was about balance, the Year of the Rat is about progression.
(2) Begin new endeavors. In terms of yin and yang, the rat is yang, symbolizing newness. It is a good year for new beginnings. Launch a business, invest in new income streams. Take the rat’s example: Be ambitious and passionate, but also plan and persevere. Despite the bad luck of the preceding year, this year will be great for those who commit to solid preparation and follow-through.
(3) Choose food, in business that is. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a little direction, Chinese zodiac experts suggest that you venture in food. Another hit this year is online selling, so take your business and remodel it for the online world. This rethinking could help you take off.
(4) A big but: Take caution. As the rat is also notoriously mischievous and metal can be cold and destructive, watch your temperament and reputation, two things that can make or break you in any venture. Take good care of your belongings against criminals and be wary of the people you trust. If you make mistakes, get on your feet quickly because, this year, obstacles train people to win big.
(5) Save up Rats like to save so take this year to temper your outflow and intentionally stock up on finances. If you do plan to acquire new things, think twice. Always choose non-negotiables and do not depart from them. It is ok to splurge, but to a point. Rats aren’t usually prudent.
(6) Be ready for an oversupply of water. In terms of the elements (water, metal, earth, wood, fire), the fire element is totally absent to dampen the strong water energy. Be ready for water- and fire-related disasters. Get those wirings and gas ranges checked; make your place leak-free or flood-proof. Take care that your properties don’t cause common hazards, or worse, start those disasters.
(7) Go in pairs. The year is good for striking partnerships. This fact goes for business, charity work, even getting fit. But, remember that your appetite for success does not have you one-upping the second half in your twosome. That might cause bad luck instead of good.
(8) Finally, this is the time to get a new home. This year is on the side of the new so take advantage of it. The rat also represents the shadow psyche so social veneers are torn down by the year, and true selves are on full display. If you’re a couple who wants to focus on knowing each other deeper, choose a home that gives you everything you need, like Sta. Lucia Land’s Residenze in Cainta, Rizal. It is condo living at its prime, at an affordable price.
Sta. Lucia Residenze is a masterplanned, luxurious complex with five residential towers of Mediterranean themes. The beautiful architectural design is by W.V. Coscolluela & Associates. Interior design is by Songsong & Periquet. With the success of Montecarlo and Santorini, Sta. Lucia Land now proudly offers the third tower, Madrid, inspired by the iconic Spanish capital.
Tower 3 offers studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units with floor areas ranging from 25.5 sqm to 63 sqm. Recreational services and facilities are open to dwellers, such as lounges, swimming pools, gazebos, a basketball court and function halls.
Sta. Lucia Residenze also has round-the-clock security personnel and cameras, and controlled elevator access. The project itself is designed to withstand earthquakes and is fitted with features to detect and fight fire.
Sta. Lucia Residenze would give any home-hunter a winning address at the junction of Cainta and Marikina City and at the heart of the Sta. Lucia Center. That means unprecedented accessibility to Sta. Lucia Mall’s leisure, learning, dining and shopping services. The location is also near schools, other malls, churches and hospitals.
Start the Year of The Metal Rat with a charming home that’ll prime you for good luck.
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