Real estate has long been proven to offer solid returns, stable income through rentals, and value appreciation over the long term. Such an investment further offers a tangible asset that is less sensitive to volatilities—provided, of course, that you bet your hard-earned savings on the right product and a reputable property developer.
Today, in the midst of a health crisis, real estate continues to offer lucrative propositions, most especially since property developers have started introducing innovative features and amenities that will allow residents to thrive in the new normal, as well as flexible payment schemes that will make it easier for them to own a home. And while admittedly, there has been a slowdown in the take-up of residential units due to the COVID-19 pandemic, property analysts expect real estate to remain resilient and be among the first industries to bounce back.
“We are well aware of the challenges. We know that to gain the confidence of the market, we need to continuously innovate and deliver projects that are future proof. Having gone through various economic cycles, Sta. Lucia Land has learned much from previous crises, enabling us to address such situations with confidence,” said Sta. Lucia Land president Exequiel Robles.
“As developers, it is our duty to create projects that are sustainable and ready for the future. We are sensitive to what the market needs and thus, we make it a point to act and implement changes we feel are vital and beneficial to our homebuyers and investors,” Robles added.

Sta. Lucia Land has indeed pulled out all stops to remain committed to its promise of creating safe, future-proof spaces for the hardworking Filipinos as seen in the landmark developments it has so far put up across the country. Here are some of the reasons why Sta. Lucia land developments continue to offer the best and safest home investment option for you.
Safe and secure communities
Its close to five decades of experience in the real estate business and its more than 250 innovative developments spread in key centers across the country offer a tangible proof that Sta. Lucia Land was able to create safe and secure communities for Filipinos. It thus continues to enjoy a strong take-up as its high quality projects have been offering safe, conducive spaces where residents can nurture their dreams, raise their families, and create lasting memories.
Value-for-money investments
Beyond providing sustainable communities, Sta. Lucia Land’s diversified portfolio, which is comprised of golf courses and country clubs, resort-themed developments, lake residences and condominiums among others, has provided investors with solid returns and capital appreciation. It thus comes as no surprise that the company continues to enjoy brisk sales for all its projects.

Location and accessibility
Sta. Lucia Land has a strong, solid presence across key areas in the country, cementing its position as a market leader particularly in the provinces, long before others had dared to venture. Its projects are located in thriving areas that offer a huge potential and which benefit from the government’s infrastructure projects.
Flexible payment schemes
Understanding the handwork that’s being put into every investment, Sta. Lucia Land has made it easier for homebuyers to realize their dream of owning a home by providing flexible payment schemes. With various promos and discounts, the company has made home buying more enticing and attractive even during the pandemic. The company has likewise started to utilize its digital assets for better access and to reach an even wider market.


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