There are a number of reasons why one would invest in a home.

Having a home, for many, means a secure, comfortable future. For others, it represents a fulfillment of their lifelong dream, while some see it as a viable investment from which they can gain valuable returns over the long run. Whatever your purpose may be, there is no doubt that real estate is indeed one of the most important investment goals you can have today.

If you want to start looking around for some options, you must keep in mind several things. These will help you find the best deals and most suitable property for your needs amid a wide range of options available in the market today. At the same time, these helpful tips will allow you to ensure a smooth, seamless and worry-free home buying experience—whether you decide to buy now or in the future.

Sta. Lucia communities are highly sought after owing to its features such as wide open spaces, lush greenery and proximity to nature.
  1. Make sure the location meets your needs

Location is always a key consideration. Is it near my office? Are there good schools, hospitals, commercial centers, churches near my home? Would it be easy for me to get around the area from where I live?

In today’s times, it’s ideal to have a location that can provide you the best of both worlds—the convenience of an urban lifestyle and the sereneness of a rural setting. This is something that the Sta. Lucia Group, led by its publicly listed arm Sta. Lucia Land Inc., has long understood.

Sta. Lucia has been developing masterplanned communities not only in urban centers but also in the fringe areas, which could provide the benefits of modern living with a serene suburban vibe. Its developments are strategically located, highly accessible via public and private transport, and are near modern conveniences, educational institutions, health facilities, commercial and leisure spaces, and even nature.

In developing its communities, Sta. Lucia always ensures that it provides more than just a roof over one’s head

2. Know your desired lifestyle 

Before you can land on the perfect property for you, you have to define the kind of lifestyle you’re aspiring for. Do you want to be close to city centers? Or would you rather have the refreshing, scenic views of nature? Are you a golf enthusiast? Or do you want to live near bodies of water?

Fortunately, Sta. Lucia’s impressive and massive portfolio of property offerings will allow you to take a peek into and choose from the varying lifestyles its developments can offer. With more than 250 projects nationwide, Sta. Lucia has a community to offer for everyone—lakeside and golf communities with clubhouses, farm lots, resort-themed projects, high-rise condominiums and condotels, houses and lots, and lots only.

Now is the most opportune to secure your future in a Sta. Lucia home.

3. Check out if your developer has a solid, reliable track record

How do you know if your chosen developer is reliable and dependable? Check its track record.

Research on your chosen developer and study the kind of communities and projects it has been building. If you can, ask around for actual feedback. Check out too how long it has been in the business of building homes and if you can, try to visit some of its existing projects.

This is where the Sta. Lucia Group has a huge advantage. Being in the business of developing lands and building communities for 50 years now, it has a proven track record of completed projects that are world-class and masterfully created. It has gone through a number of boom-bust economic cycles, political upheavals and other crises, and yet it remains a strong, financially sound company.

No wonder it has become one of the most trusted brands in real estate today.

4 Can the property meet your needs in a post-pandemic setting?

Do you want more spaces and fresh air? Can you consider your dwelling today a safe space?

The pandemic has shown how crucial it is to have a space where you can comfortably retreat and rest safely with your loved ones. This is something that the Sta. Lucia Group has long been providing in its communities even before the onset of the pandemic.

In developing its communities, Sta. Lucia always ensures that it provides more than just a roof over one’s head. Its developments can readily offer a serene sanctuary where you can have ample space to move about, and whose amenities provide you opportunities for a holistic lifestyle.

For example, its farm estates and lakeside communities can provide that much needed space, lush greenery and fresh air, while allowing you to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

Now is no doubt the most opportune to secure a safe future for you and your family in a Sta. Lucia home.

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